Rock Climbing Ropes- A Few Essential Tips

The type of rope chosen by a rock climber can have a dramatic effect on the safety and success of his or her ascent. Every climbing rope has a distinct set of uses, benefits, and drawbacks. While some ropes may be tailored to a slow, complex, and dangerous climb, others may be suited to a […]

Tips for Newbie Rock Climbers

In recent years, the sport of rock climbing has gained an immense following of adventure-seeking enthusiasts. Some rock climbers are riveted by the adrenaline rush that comes with literally conquering mountains, while others are more focused on the fitness component. Due to the boundless amount of information out there, beginners may find themselves feeling overwhelmed […]

The Use of Climbing Carabiners on the Mountain

Carabiners are locking gated metal connective devices that are used to make safe, critical links in mountain climbing gear. These ring like pieces of equipment open inward on one side of the ring and return outward to form a close loop through which ropes and other connective devices are placed. Carabiners fall into two main […]