Ten Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hiking on the open trail can be a fun and enlightening experience. The smell of clean, fresh air and the feel of the earth underfoot while walking among the trees and singing birds can make a person downright giddy with love for nature. But there are a few things that a beginning hiker should be […]

10 Essentials for Dayhikes Gone Wrong

For stress and fatigue, there are few better solutions than a day spent walking through the forest. On the other hand, being lost in the woods is less relaxing than spending the day in an office. Knowing what to do can keep an idyllic dayhike from turning into a nightmare. Be Prepared

Safety Tips for People Who Hike Alone

Although the buddy system is most optimal when tackling the outdoors, sometimes hiking alone is the best choice to revive one’s spirit and to stay within the moment. Hiking is an enjoyable experience, but planning for your safety and comfort can help you avoid sticky and dangerous situations. Furthermore, planning for safety is the first […]