Factors to Look For When Choosing Fishing Boat Rentals

Make sure the fishing boat rental company is legitimate and has good safe fishing boats for rent. They should offer good insurance for the boat and the gear you plan on taking in their boat. Cost will be important as well so do some shopping around to try and get a fair deal. Make sure the boats that they offer will work for you. If the boat to be rented is going to be traveling make sure the rental company has tags and insurance on the trailer and that the trailer is road ready. The boat should also be licensed for the state you plan on operating it in. Ask to see service reports on the boat and trailer so you can be sure they have been properly maintained. This may save you a lot of heart ache by not renting a boat that will only run for a couple of hours if it even starts when you get to the lake. Try to rent from a company that also has a boat repair shop. These kinds of boat rental facilities will tend to have mechanics that are very knowledgeable about boats and therefore will probably have maintained the rental company’s boats very well. Check if the rental company has an emergency plan for if the boat fails and leaves you stranded on the lake such as a spare boat they would use to come out and pull you back to shore.

When renting a fishing boat one of the more important factors will be how many people are coming along on the fishing trip. You will need to rent a boat that has a large enough weight capacity to handle everybody and their fishing gear. The boat will also need enough seating for the fishermen to be comfortably out of each other’s way. After this is decided think of what species you are going to be targeting. A bass boat will allow you to get close to the shore and all the good hiding spots that bass like. A deep V bottom boat will give a smoother ride than a bass boat or other flat bottom boat especially in rougher waters. The boats should all have live wells for storing the days catch or any live bait you may be taking along with you. Pole holders and other accessories should be in the rental boat. Also make sure any safety equipment you may need is provided along with the boat rental such as life vests and or floating tubes.

Another option would be to rent a boat that comes with a fishing guide. Renting a guided fishing boat will get you on the fish with the help of the professional guide. With these types of rentals you may not need to bring anything but yourself as the boat will be stocked with tackle, poles and any kind of bait you may need. Some of these rentals can be booked for the whole day or for a couple of hours depending on how long you want to stay on the water.