Bass Fishing In Florida

Florida has some of the best Largemouth bass fishing in the entire world. The bass that are found in Florida grow swiftly because of the warmer temperatures, some of the world record holding bass have been pulled from the Central Florida waters.

The best time of the year to catch Freshwater Bass fish in Florida tends to be in the springtime. Spawning can occur as late as June but tends to normally take place from January to May in most of Florida except the panhandle. It is one of the best locations in the world to perhaps catch a Trophy Bass fish.

Spring is best because the Bass Freshwater fish move to shallow water, and participate in Spawning. Peak months to catch the bass are often in March or April but sometimes you can catch a large fish at another time later in the year.

Plastic Worms are often the most dependable type of bait to use in seeking the Florida Freshwater Bass. They make a Carolina rigged, or a Texas Style of worm, these are the ones that are often the most effective especially in the heavy plant cover that is found in much of Florida.

It is a good idea to experiment with different types of plastic worms, and some come with different aromas or scents, they can also be very effective in attracting certain types of freshwater Florida Bass fish.

A variety of different dark and light colors, and sizes should be part of your basic tackle box and gear, because there are many different light shades and conditions you will encounter in fishing whether in Florida or in other areas.

Some of the more effective worms are the metalflake or twirly tails, and other bright worms are available at most tackle locations. It is a great idea to vary the kind, shape, color and style of your worms, you will never know exactly which will work the best.

Sometimes you can find small plastic realistic looking reptiles like lizards that are designed to be used in freshwater fishing, they can be effective in some of the Florida Waters. You will want to work your plastic lizard or plastic worm bait, and patience is key.

You need to keep the line from your rod tight but watching so it can play out, and give the plastic bait time to sink. You can become adept at “feeling” the worm as it moves along and eventually if you fish enough you will feel the Bass hit the bait.

Another type of method is to use the “drift and Jerk” method. You don’t use a weight or sinker and you allow the plastic worm to “drift” then you jerk it occasionally sharply, and repeat.

Many freshwater Bass fish seek to stick near dense plant and underwater type of vegetation. And so it may sometimes take a variety of different methods to ensure that you have one variation or method that will help you catch lots of fish.