Guide to Safe Spearfishing

Spear fishing is a method of fishing that has been used for centuries. In ancient times, hunters did not have a whole lot of weapon choices, and would often use a sharp stick to spear fish. In more recent times, advanced tools for spear fishing such as spear guns have been developed and used by spear fishers everywhere. Spear fishing can be done if the spear fisher is scuba-diving, free-diving, snorkeling, and in shallow water without any diving. Because of the possible dangers involved in spear fishing, it is important to learn safe spear fishing techniques.

One of the most important safety tips for anyone who wants to go spear fishing is to bring a partner with you. An extra set of eyes and ears can help a dive be more successful and provides a much safer environment. With a partner, a spear fisher can concentrate on his fishing while the other person keeps an eye out for any dangerous situation that may arise. Of course, any spear fisher should be aware of their surroundings at all times. However, with a partner to help keep a look out, the spear fisher can relax and enjoy his fishing experience.

When you are going on to spearfish, the first thing you need to make sure of is that you have the right equipment. A well-working spear gun that suits your needs is necessary, as well as a small, sharp knife in case you get tangled in a spear gun line. If you are diving, check your diving equipment over to make sure that everything is in proper working order.

It is especially important for scuba-divers and free-divers to have properly working equipment. A dive into deep water can be dangerous and you need to have everything working perfectly. There are training sessions and classes available to learn tips and techniques to help keep you safe while diving.

While free-diving, always be aware of your surroundings, and do not go down farther than you know you are able too. In the adrenaline rush of spear fishing, divers can become over-confident and think that they will be able to exert more energy than they actually can. This is another situation where a partner is important. A person who is not trying to hunt will be more likely to recognize the limitations of him and his partner.

Another potential danger for most types of spear fishing is sharks. Diving in groups allows a better chance of somebody spotting a shark and being able to head it off. Before going out, do some research to find out if sharks have been spotted in your potential diving spots recently. These may be feeding areas for sharks and are good places to avoid. Do not go out in bright colors, as sharks have a keen sense of sight and you will be more easily spotted. In clear water, visibility is better and you will be able to keep a better eye out for sharks.

If you want to get into spear fishing, take the time to learn how to do it properly. It can be a fun and useful pastime, and spear fishing safely will give you the opportunity to continue this hobby for many years.