Have Fun Fishing with Float Tubes

There are many forms of fishing that people enjoy each and every year and there have been many ingenious inventions for the sport of fishing. One of the ever popular ways to fish rivers in the past has been to wade the river in shallow places although you couldn’t quite reach those larger holes in the middle of the river. However, some enterprising fishermen figured out that one could use an inner tube from a tractor trailer tire to float the river instead of trying to cast just out of reach of the deeper holes while wade fishing. From this innovative invention, the inner tube would undergo a number of changes that would make it very useful for fishermen to float rivers and be able to reach the deep holes without the use of a boat. This type of fishing can also be very relaxing and enjoyed by even the youngest of fishermen although one should always be aware of the river he or she is floating and be sure to wear a PFD at all times.

River Floating

A favorite past time to stay cool in the summer is tubing down the river. While some people tube down the rivers just to relax and enjoy the scenery, others use inner tubes to fish in places that he or she could not otherwise reach without a boat. For these people, inner tube fishing utilizes a specially made tube that he or she sits in and is able to float down the river with ease. These inner tubes are often made of high strength rubber used to make whitewater rafts that can withstand collisions with rocks and other river debris. The inner tube is then covered with a high tinsel strength fabric that contains pockets for tackle, drinks, and other items that one may carry while fishing. Also, the fabric covers the bottom with the exception of two leg holes that are cut in for the user to place his or her legs and feet. Once the fisherman’s feet are securely within the webbing, he or she has the ability to walk through the river until the water becomes too deep, which at that point the person will begin to float. The inner tube fabric may also incorporate a piece of backing that acts as a back rest so the user can lean back when in the floating position. Many inner tubes also have rod holders placed strategically on their sides. This can be for baiting hooks or simply holding extra rods that he or she may want to take along for the ride. While floating down the river, one should always remember that even though he or she is in a flotation device, a life jacket or some type of PFD should be worn at all times. Even though the tube is made from high grade rubber, it may be punctured by any number of sharp objects, which could leave the person stranded on the river with nothing to float with. When floating, it is also best to keep your feet in front at all times. By keeping your feet in front, your eyes will not be too far away and you can see rocks and other debris that may be coming ahead. One final thing to remember while float fishing in the river is to know the stretch of the river you will be floating along with the twists and turns. This could be the most important detail of all. One does not want to float a river where there are known dangers or spots that drop off significantly. Small rapids can be fun and exciting but rapids any higher than Class II should be avoided by float fisherman at all costs.

Lake Floating

While some enjoy float fishing in rivers, others enjoy the same experience in lakes. These fishermen use floats just as ones used for the river although he or she may use fins on their feet to kick around. Just like in river float fishing, one should always wear protective gear such as a life jacket or PFD to ensure his or her safety. By taking a few precautions, your floating trip will be both safe and rewarding.