How Will A GPS Improve My Fishing Trip

If you are going on a fishing trip and own a GPS, you will be wondering “how will a GPS improve my fishing trip”. Everyone knows that GPS units are helpful in finding directions and addresses, but in fishing? How can it improve my fishing? Well, a GPS unit and the ability to use it will make your fishing trip easier and safer.

Finding The Correct Time To Fish. Many GPS units have fishing calendars and sunrise and sunset times loaded into them. The calendars contain information about the times of the year when fish are most likely to be found. Sunrise and sunset times are also helpful.
Get Info About Fishing Area. Download mapping information about the place you are making the fishing trip to. This will be very useful when you are going to a new area for fishing. You would even be able to find places such as restaurants, ATMs, gas stations etc, provided you have downloaded the relevant info. You could also use this feature to get a layout of the lake which you are fishing in. This will help you while exploring the lake or river.
Waypoints To Find Hotspots. Waypoints are locations saved in longitudes and latitudes which help you navigate. Usually GPS systems can direct you to within 15 meters to 3 meters (or lesser) reach of your waypoint. You can save the locations where you got a big catch as waypoints. Use them when you next go for fishing. You will probably still find fish there. You could also save your starting point as a waypoint. If you do that, you won’t get lost and will be able to get back to the start point easily enough come rain, come fog.
Help While Drifting. Saving waypoints once you have reached a spot and started fishing will help you get back to the area if you drifted too far. You could also use tracking function so as to get back to the previous location.
Find Depth. Use your GPS device to find the depth at a particular area. If you are looking for fish that hide out in depths, you can use this info to your advantage.
Track Movement Of Fish. You can use your GPS to monitor fish movement. This data can help you predict where a shoal of fish will be next day. This will help you reach your fishing hotspots. It will also allow you to distinguish other submerged objects such as tree branches and sunk boats from fish by means of movement.
Finding Nearest Hotspots. If you have marked a lot of fishing hotspots, this feature will allow you to find the nearest ones so that you won’t end up travelling more than the minimum distance necessary.
You Can Plot Trolling Paths. So that if you are going trolling you will know which route to take.
Event Marker. If you save event marker when you catch fish at a location, you could use these the next time to find the exact location.
Fish Finder. Some GPS units come with fish finders. Besides navigation systems, these also contain Sonar and advanced tracking functions. They will also have better storage so as to store fishing information. The fish finder will help you find fish very easily.

A GPS unit is thus a very useful device to have when you go on a fishing trip. It will ease your difficulties, help with navigation and also give you other useful information thus improving your overall fishing experience.