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Default Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review

So I used this stove several times on the AT for past few weekends and here is my review of it with pros and cons.


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I have several of these and really like them. I also made the modifications described in the link below. I picked up my first one for around $9.00. Not long after that I bought a few more when they went on sale for $3.00 each from either "Cheaper Than Dirt" or "The Sportsman Guide". I use Trioxane fuel tabs to heat a cup of coffee or soup. I have yet to try and heat the bottle. Cleaning is an issue but for a cheap little set-up I think it's not too bad. I don't care much for the canteen itself due to the cork stopper. I have replaced mine with stainless steel canteens with screw on tops. Thanks for the great review!

Swiss Volcano Stove Modification - YouTube

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Great review, Dave. I like being able to see products before I purchase them. Instead of looking at pictures on the box, now I know how the device works before I spend money on it. Thank you!

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Thanks for the great review, Dave! That's definitely one product that I can say will be money well spent. Gonna be getting a few of those and try it out.

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My stove. It costs twelve bucks.

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Recently received catalogs for outdoor and military-type gear from BUDK and CHKADELS. Both advertise used aluminum Swiss Volcano Bottle Stoves for $14.99. Both are very interesting catalogs for outdoor-type people.

Also, would you believe that Bear Grylls now has his own brand of outdoor clothing selling under his own name...through Craghoppers?

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