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    slippery sleeping bags with mat on slopes

    My wife has the Big Agnus combo and it is nice.
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    Duct Tape

    If you cannot duck it then chuck it. I agree I always put some around my water bottle when backpacking and kayaking. I know some folks that do it around the middle of their paddles for kayaking.
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    How Big is Your House?

    I started off with a solo tent. I then discovered hammock camping, but I still use the solo tent when the temps get low. However, it is getting time for me to upgrade my tent for when I use it. We already have 1 80 lb dog, we just got a new puppy a few weeks ago that will be about the same...
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    Emergancy Mode on Galaxy S5

    I just upgraded my phone to the S5 the other day. Was just poking around it and found an "Emergancy Mode." This mode we change the setting for maximum batter life while still automatically sending location updates to a pre-selected number. Hope I never have to use it, but nice to know it is...
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    Fort Pierre National Grassland

    I will be driving out to MT from GA this summer. I am looking as possibly stopping one night have Fort Pierre National Grassland, and had two quick questions 1) has anyone been there or know anything about it? 2) the FS website has the below about camping. I read this as we can park and...
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    Camelbak or an off brand?

    I have used both Camelbaks and I have one from high sierra one that I got because it was a good deal. Both have worked the fine.
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    Finding the leak

    I have a inflatable sleeping pad that has a slow leak. It will blow up but will be flat by morning. I have not been able to find the leak. Any suggestions on how to find the leak so that I can patch it?
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    Other than pictures

    All the dirt that sticks to me while I am out there, haha. Trash I find and pictures.
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    Foot wear to bed

    What do you wear on your feet when in your sleeping bag? Last couple of time I have been camping have been some of the colder nights I have been out in, still weel within range of my sleeping bag though. I have always just worn my wool socks to bed, but last few times I have been out the only...
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    Where to find maps?

    I am starting to plan my first travilling hiking trip (more than 4 hour drive). In may I am going to Helena, MT area. Where is a good place to find either online or print to buy maps of that area. All the outfitters in my area only carry maps for the southeast, which is understandable. I...
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    Hi...Gettin' kinda wintery...!!

    I am waiting to see how "wintery" Atlanta gets today. They had us covered by a winter weather advisor till about mid day yesterday and are now saying it will go north and just clip the north corner of GA. But we will see what ends up happening when it hits this afternoon, this is how the...
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    Heater while camping

    I am adding a vote for a good sleeping bag and pad with no heater. Also add a cute camping partner for extra warmth.
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    hammock camping

    I cannot think of a hammock with a built in rain fly. I have seen hanging tents before online but they were very expensive and I would not concider them a hammock. You will most likely end up having to get a set for your different requirements. My personal favoriate hammock is the ENO. I...
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    When will it all end...??

    I really only watch them now if there is something to the show other than survival. Shows like Ultimate Survivor Alaska cause it is fun to watch the race part or Dude your screwed is another fun one.
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    I normally carry more than 2 litters in my camlebak. I also carry two empty nalgene for camp use and if I am going to be long distance without a source, rare in southern appalachian.