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    Do you use an air mattress?

    Has anyone here heard of the Mobile Mummy? I was reading about it this morning and I thought it was kind of interesting but I am not sure if I would be warm enough in it or not. I like being able to use a normal bag so I can kick my feet out if I need to.
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    Credit card stolen

    We did not have the physical card stolen but the information of the card. Has anyone had this happen before? I know with a debit card it is easy to replace but American Express said it might take longer than a week. Is that normal?
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    Tiny houses

    It was not a documentary that we watched, it was a guy and his team that built these by request for people who wanted them. The last one we watched was a lady who wanted a place to write her novels. I thought it was a great idea but I don't think we could ever downsize that much. What...
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    LIttle camping and fishing weekend in North GA

    Have you heard of the Trout Adventure Trail in Georgia? I always hear that is a great place to visit but we have never gone there yet. Most of the time when we head into the state we are going to visit family and if we tried to sneak in they would be upset if we did not visit (or invite them).
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    Do you use an air mattress?

    We tried this a few times but it never worked out. We have tried expensive ones and mid-expensive ones, none worked for me. I always woke up sore and hated it. I would rather have a little soft but firm and then a sleeping bag.
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    Coming across deer

    One of our local smaller parks put out an announcement this week to remind everyone to be safe while out camping and hiking as well as when locals are commuting to work. It is that mating season now and I was just curious how many stumble across deer out in the woods when you are camping? A few...
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    Man saves 400lb drowning black bear

    The guy did great and considered even saving a human can be difficult the man deserves a good pat on that back for that. What happened to the person who ended up sedating the bear? Where was this person?
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    Potato soup recipe

    I love a good potato soup and it is one of those meals that you can mix and match to find what you like the best. Sometimes I like to add a little bacon or sour cream in just for kicks.
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    Hiking Shoes

    The only time I break out the boots is when nature wants to give us a little rain and we can get trapped into the muddy areas. otherwise I like the little boot shoes too. They are not too clunky and they work great to protect my ankles.
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    Going barefoot?

    I don't mind it for short walks but not a major hike. That guy kind of seemed a bit rude too. When I was a kid you could barely get shoes on me and I do prefer it, but I won't chance an entire hike on the idea that I won't run into something that shoes could better help me get through than just...
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    $1000 fine for pictures in NF

    I am pretty sure this is the dumbest thing I have read lately and I tend to read all sorts of interesting weird things online. Are they just made that people are making money from the photos?
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    Best sausage for gumbo...

    We can go from Italian with a little spice or Andouille. We headed out a few days ago and had lunch at a little cafe we found out in the middle of pretty much nothing. I am sure it was the spiciest gumbo I have had in the last ten years.
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    Who has a pond on their property?

    A friend is currently building her dream house and it comes with a smaller pond on the land but they are going to have really fix it up. Does anyone have experience with draining and restocking a pond?
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    be careful out there

    When we head out on trips our own (pretty short ones) we don't separate and when we go with a group we always use a buddy system of sorts. You can never be too careful when you are in the domain of the nature (and her residents).
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    Greetings from Central California

    Welcome, everyone here is a great bunch. The Toiyabe National Forest photos look amazing, I might need to add that to my list of places to visit. :)