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    Meat Chickens

    Anyone raise meat chickens here? I was thinking about it. Our town allows 20 per acre, scaling down for smaller properties. I should be able to get about 10. Is it cost effective? How hard is it to prepare them and is it simple to learn?
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    Define Wilderness

    How would you define wilderness? Was talking with some people the other day and this came up. One said the only wilderness left in the USA is Alaska. One defined it as anything over 1000 acres that is not inhabited.
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    Victorinox Swiss Tools

    Are these still popular? I see a lot of people going to a fixed blade rather then a multi-tool.
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    Hiking Stick or Trekking Pole

    Is there a different or are the descriptions interchangeable?
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    Colorado woman found this under her porch

    Anyone hear about the lady who supposedly found this under her porch?
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    Siberian Bear hunting suit

    Anyone seen this thing before? How would you move in it?