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    For morning time or snack...

    I'm all about that oatmeal but I'll have to try it
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    Any hangers?

    I second it's definitely the best place when it comes to DIY hammock information
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    Hammock Bliss hamocks

    Haha this is great. I haven't camped in a tent since I've started in my hammock, and I don't plan on going back anytime soon.
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    What is your absolute favorite outdoor activity?

    No doubt it's kicking back in my hammock on a nice night without my tarp up so I'm swaying back and forth under the stars until I fall asleep
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    hammock camping

    Hennesy is definitely the way to go for beginners. It can't get much easier than their all in one setup they have
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    Victorinox Swiss Tools

    It looks like I need to upgrade my knife if these are really lasting this long
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    Hammocks or Tents: pro and con

    That's great. Looks like he's having a ball haha
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    Newbie from Vegas

    Welcome from yet another fellow newbie :)
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    Hammocks or Tents: pro and con

    Thank you briansnat This lays out most of the pros and cons but I would like to address a few of the cons. No place to change - You can change laying in your hammock, I've done it before but it's not easy. Missing the closeness of a significant other - You can still lay in the same hammock...
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    What Is Bushcraft?

    This is a great explanation, it's new for me and this helped me get a good idea of it
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    Cool mornings & smoky air

    That view from on the water is beautiful Looks like you had a few good catches too! :)