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    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    waiting for nighttime lows to be 40 or above here to take kids out on some overnights younger one has the gear and is used to 20 degree nights, older one is just starting on backwoods camping and rather start her out with warmer nights
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    wow its been a while

    cant say I did such trips at that age but close in mid teens 15-17 I was hopping buses from NYC to catskills camping by myself, didn't have maps of lands and such, would look at the map in the bus terminal with routes, see a route that passes through a bunch of green , that's where I want to...
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    wow its been a while

    forgot about this site, see my last post was in July, well been out and about, a few trips since then 3-4 days or so each latest trip was a 5 mile hike with my 8 yr old son, was more of a test run to see how he holds up on such distance, as looking to do more distance camping with him, not just...
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    Your Best Hiking Boots?

    I have been wearing less boots and more hiking shoes/trail shoes, so much more comfortable, especially after wearing them on long days or multiple days most of my hiking has been shorter adventures under 10 miles and lighter loads, so don't need the ankle support as much, also been really liking...
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    Crossbow hunting

    lots of variables, location, game, purpose of hunting, etc, for myself not a fan of crossbows, too dang big and heavy to be practical for higher success rate, gun is better, for sport I enjoy bow hunting, I prefer gun hunting for food, and bow hunting for extended seasons and for sport,
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    How big is your tent?

    I have multiple tents, sleep systems, tarp with not tent, hammock, 1 person tent, 2 person tent 4 person tent, and my 6 person condo tent that gets the most use is my 2 person tent, hiking solo no tent , either just a tarp or tarp/hammock, when camping near the car its my 2 person tent, when...
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    Cheap Camping Supplies?

    hard to say a lot depends on what gear, what level of quality your interested in, and what you consider cheap I often browse Clist for gear, lots of people sell barely used outdoor gear at bargain prices my current tent is a $200 kelty, that I bought off craigslist for $80 used once also have a...
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    GPS or mobile phone

    what maps app did you use? without connection would need entire maps database downloaded on your phone apple, and google do not store maps on the phones this is my IPhone map with data/wifi off
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    bear spray

    with proper precaution, little need for bear spray on east coast, out west with grizzlies that's another matter, I never carried bear spray in the past, even though had numerous encounters, only started carrying spray about 2 years ago, during a winter campout on my land, when headed back...
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    GPS or mobile phone

    for recreational purposes either works, downside of phone is you have to pay for apps with better maps, also if you didn't download a map of a certain area, if you do not have a cell signal you will not have a map, phone gps does not come loaded with maps, it downloads them as needed also using...
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    Pepper Spraying those Pesky Snakes

    I only recently started carrying bear spray, bears never phased me until a few years ago, winter camping on my land, when I headed out I noticed bear tracks followed my tracks step for step, crossing every where I crossed, for about 1 mile, on the way back I was waist deep crawling through a...
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    Ventilation problems with Trango 4 tent?

    Plan on using it as intended? Which is alpine and winter use. Looks like a solid tent for extreme conditions with very good reviews as such
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    Ventilation problems with Trango 4 tent?

    Trango 4 is a high end mountaineering tent Whats the problem?
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    Hello, I wanna start hiking

    try friends of government canyon, they have regular hiking groups you can join 8:30am – 12:00pm 1218 Galm Road San Antonio, TX, 78254 United States Join Friends of Government Canyon and the Sierra Club for a jointly...
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    Trivia 3/13/18

    guessing 9 states, as for average time? don't know why I am thinking 6 months, seems like a long time, but am sticking with my answer, for now just checked wont spoil it for others