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  1. Grandpa

    Happy New Year.

    Wishing everyone a great New Year. Hindsight is now 2020. Let's move on.
  2. Grandpa

    Grandpa's final backpack.

    After many years and thousands of miles of trails its time to hang up the old backpack and stick to the places I can get the old 4x4 to for tent or trailer camping. For out last packing trip, grandma and I had the privilege of hiking and camping with three of our great grandchildren, three...
  3. Grandpa

    50 years.

    Grandma and I have had a wonderful life together. But the greatest wonders are our children. They were raised with a work hard/play hard ethic. Indoors or outdoors our motto has been " be the best you can be". Hunting and shooting sports have always been one of our play hards. Those goals have...
  4. Grandpa

    Snake River road trip.

    Grandma and I captured our granddaughter and three of our greats for a little sight seeing road trip. Her husband was out of State working. We first visited the Niagara of the west, Shoshone Falls on the Snake River near Twin Falls. Of course they made me ruin a great picture by getting in...
  5. Grandpa

    Pony Express

    Grandma and I are in Utah visiting our daughter and family. We had to get our hugs from a couple of the greats. We're glad to be here because we got several inches of snow at home. Its May. They call it that because it May rain, it May snow, it May be calm or it May be windy. It may be 80 or it...
  6. Grandpa

    Spider lake, High Uintas trek.

    I've decided these old legs need to retire. Had a great trip into the Uintas tv his week but the trails really kicked my butt.
  7. Grandpa

    Frank Church wilderness backpack.

    Grandma, some friends and myself backpacked into the soldier lakes last week. Had a great time but I can't understand how such an easy trail became so difficult in three years.
  8. Grandpa

    Hike with a couple of my little partners

    Took a couple of the littles on a hike with their dad. First stop was at the waterfall.
  9. Grandpa

    Road Trip

    Grandma and I and our good friends D and L, decided we needed a road trip before the snows come. First day out we took some back roads enroute to Teton and Yellowstone NP's. Right off the bat, just past the Blackfoot River we came up on a small herd of cow elk with their babes. Just a few miles...
  10. Grandpa

    Idaho, June 11, 2018

    In two weeks we are backpacking accross a pass just south of here
  11. Grandpa

    Memorial Day

    Here's to all my fellow vets, to those who came home and especially to those who didn't. Thank you
  12. Grandpa

    Moose visit

    Grandson was mowing the lawn and a cow moose came around the corner of the house. He just shut off the mower and stood still so he wouldn't spook her. She walked around the house, then headed back down to the creek. She probably has a baby down there somewhere. But the grandkids got a kick out...
  13. Grandpa

    Christmas excitement?

    A passing motorist noticed a nice bull elk caught in a roadside fence about a mile from here. The bull had a hay tarp wrapped up in his antlers with the rest of the tarp caught in the barb wire fence. I called the sheriffs office and during the half hour it took for a deputy to arrive, another...
  14. Grandpa


    90's last week, cool this morning, then a cold front moved in, temps dropped into the 40's down here but the peaks got a good dusting of snow down to 8000 ft. BRRRR.
  15. Grandpa

    New water filter

    I really don't consider myself much of a gear junkie. I usually make do with the stuff I have, although I researched the stuff I have before buying. For the last 10 or so years my primary water filter has been the Katydyne hiker pro. It has served me well as has Katydyne's customer service...
  16. Grandpa

    Another Sad Day

    It was with great sadness that we buried another of our most faithful family members. For fifteen years he gave all our grand children and great grandson happiness and joy. He would get so excited whenever he heard a car pull in the driveway. Despite stories to the contrary, he loved their hugs...
  17. Grandpa

    Any deer hunters left?

    Lucked into a nice trophy 6x7 mulie last year but had to settle for a little 2x3 this year. My big buck's antlers would have fit real well on that jackrabbit I saw earlier in the day. I'm not really into antler hunting but there is some bravado when a big one comes along. But, my little man deer...
  18. Grandpa

    How Big is Your House?

    What is your preference for a "house" when backpacking? Bivy sack, solo tent, roomier 2 man? or do you pack a hotel? Gone are the summer days when I was content to throw a tarp on the ground and go to sleep. Now, many women are enjoying the trek, so modesty dictates I have some place for...
  19. Grandpa

    Outlaw trail

    Who didn't see "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" with Newman, Redford, and the beautiful Katherine Ross as Etta Place? Did you really think of them as a threesome? Well, It wasn't. Left out of the movie but a very important part of the Wild Bunch were two sisters, Ann and Josie Bassett. Ann...
  20. Grandpa

    Boy Scout trip

    I had the privilege of accompanying an excellent troop of boy scouts recently. These boys were all 12 and 13 years old but highly experienced in the outdoors. All the older boys have completed 50 miler backpacking trips and all the boys are well versed in both light weight cooking as well as...