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    Emergancy Mode on Galaxy S5

    I just upgraded my phone to the S5 the other day. Was just poking around it and found an "Emergancy Mode." This mode we change the setting for maximum batter life while still automatically sending location updates to a pre-selected number. Hope I never have to use it, but nice to know it is...
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    Fort Pierre National Grassland

    I will be driving out to MT from GA this summer. I am looking as possibly stopping one night have Fort Pierre National Grassland, and had two quick questions 1) has anyone been there or know anything about it? 2) the FS website has the below about camping. I read this as we can park and...
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    Finding the leak

    I have a inflatable sleeping pad that has a slow leak. It will blow up but will be flat by morning. I have not been able to find the leak. Any suggestions on how to find the leak so that I can patch it?
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    Foot wear to bed

    What do you wear on your feet when in your sleeping bag? Last couple of time I have been camping have been some of the colder nights I have been out in, still weel within range of my sleeping bag though. I have always just worn my wool socks to bed, but last few times I have been out the only...
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    Where to find maps?

    I am starting to plan my first travilling hiking trip (more than 4 hour drive). In may I am going to Helena, MT area. Where is a good place to find either online or print to buy maps of that area. All the outfitters in my area only carry maps for the southeast, which is understandable. I...
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    favorite trail drink

    Just for fun. What is your favorite drink to carry backpacking other than water. I will normally carry some tea packets and a flask of burbon.
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    Here is a great guide to camping

    Great guide to camping... haha
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    Where should we go

    My wife and I are planning on going backpacking in the mid-west some time next summer. We will be flying into Helena, MT since she has family there. What area or trail would you suggest within about a day drive from Helena for a 3-5 day hike?
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    Trail Suggestion

    On the 28th of this month my wife, 1 1/2 year old, and I will be driving from Quantico, VA to Asheville, NC. Plan on hittng the Blue Ridge for at least part of the drive. We were hoping to do a hike at some point during the drive down. Any suggestions for a good trail between the two on the...
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    $1000 fine for pictures in NF

    I think this is BS. What do you think?
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    This would be no fun
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    Chattanooga, TN

    I want to plan a trip to Chattanooga, TN for our anniversary. Anybody have a good suggestion for a hotel to stay in for the evening.
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    Mermorial Day Weekend

    So what is everyone got planned for the long weekend? For me I will be heading up to the Nantahala to paddle on Sunday and Monday.
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    Family Easter Hike

    Hope this link works. Here are some pics from Easter drive on Blue Ridge Parkway and we stoped at flat laurel creek and hiked up about 2.5 miles, hung out around a camp site for a bit then hiked back. It was a beaultiful day...
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    Weekend on the Locust Fork River

    I spent a great weekend on the Locust Fork River in north Alabama. It was a great time. Saturday one of the other kayakers had a GoPro. Here is his edit from the paddle. Friends of the Locust Fork on Vimeo
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    Great places to live

    My wife and I are starting to think about getting out of the metro Atlanta area. Trying to get a good list of places to look at. We are in a good position to go just about anywhere as she is a math teacher, so can find a job about anywhere we move to, and I have the ability to become a remote...
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    Backpacking with little ones

    I am ready this summer to take my little girl who is now 11 months camping this summer and getting really excited about it. I am trying to figure out how far we can go though. Has anyone gone backpacking with little ones, if so where do they sleep? For car camping we will just bring her...
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    Atlanta is shut down/ Personal worse commute ever

    Had my worse personal commute home yesterday. I live 50 miles from my office and normally take me about 45 mins to 1 hour to get home. Yesterday 5 1/2 hour because of ice. Had to pick up my 9 month old about 1 hour into the drive from day care. That rasied the stress some just having her in...
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    How about this for a tent

    Here is a new tent what do you think? Who you use one? 10 Funny Camping Inventions
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    Washing a sleeping bag

    Had to wash my sleeping bags today. I used Nikwax tech wash per the advice of REI. I followed the direction on the bottle and they are hanging out drying right now. Do I need to do anything else once dry like add something to re-waterproof them or anything?