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  1. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    Blood Mountain part 3

    Hey guys, here is part 3. Part 2 is in the part 1 thread. Check it out.
  2. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    Blood Mountain Loop pt 1

    I haven't made it up to the Smokys yet. Still working on getting all of Georgia section completed. Glad you enjoyed the video, I will be posting the others about once per week. Working 2 jobs makes it hard to get them all edited at one time. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube so you will be...
  3. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    Blood Mountain Loop pt 1

    So I completed the loop around and up Blood Mountain, I went the opposite direction than most people online. I took the Byron Reece Trail > Freeman Trail > Appalachian Trail. It was a really good hike. I decided to make it an over nighter and stay the night at Blood Mountain Shelter. It is about...
  4. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    Raven Cliffs Falls, GA

    Took a short day hike along the Raven Cliffs Falls trail in North Georgia near Helen Ga. It's a 5 mile round trip that is definitely worth it. Took the Akaso EK7000 sport camera and did a little video along the way. Check it out. The akaso doesn't have any stabilization like the gopro's, so the...
  5. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    If you like to video or photo your trips....

    ...and are looking into a sport action camera. Take a look at my recent video where I test the audio quality of the Akaso EK7000 with and without the waterproof case. Something you must see and know if you plan on purchasing one.
  6. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    I'm planning a 3-4 day hike....

    I am planning a 3-4 day hiking trip, unsure yet of exactly where I am going, but I did a short video of what all I will be taking. Check it out and let me know what you think. I am sure I will do a little bit of tweaking on some of it, but most of these items are my essential weekend hike items.
  7. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    When you go hiking or backpacking, will you take a water filter?

    I have both Sawyer Mini and a Sawyer Squeeze. They both have worked out well for me on weekend section hikes.
  8. The Bearded Outdoorsman

    Hello from Georgia

    What's up OutdoorBaseCamp, new member from Georgia here. I am a busy man. I am a husband, father of 2 with one more on the way, christian, outdoorsman, youtuber, blogger, gear reviewer, and work 2 jobs. I joined in hopes of being able to gain more knowledge and hope to share some knowledge.