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  1. carmen

    Credit card stolen

    We did not have the physical card stolen but the information of the card. Has anyone had this happen before? I know with a debit card it is easy to replace but American Express said it might take longer than a week. Is that normal?
  2. carmen

    Coming across deer

    One of our local smaller parks put out an announcement this week to remind everyone to be safe while out camping and hiking as well as when locals are commuting to work. It is that mating season now and I was just curious how many stumble across deer out in the woods when you are camping? A few...
  3. carmen

    Who has a pond on their property?

    A friend is currently building her dream house and it comes with a smaller pond on the land but they are going to have really fix it up. Does anyone have experience with draining and restocking a pond?
  4. carmen

    E-cigarettes used as a deadly weapon

    I had a visit with my doctor yesterday and we got on the subject of how some people are worried that the e-cigarettes people are using now can be turned into something bad. He mentioned what would happen if someone could learn how to (and use) one of these things to vaporize a deadly virus...
  5. carmen

    The ashes of your pet

    I found out about this over the weekend and I was curious, maybe some of the hunters here can explain this or any of those who understand taxidermy since it seems kind of similar because I don't understand it at all. Basically this website said you can take your beloved pet and have them...
  6. carmen

    Chicken Casserole

    I heard this is pretty easy to do around the camp fire and can take about 30 minutes to cook. Does anyone have a recipe for it? I am guessing this would be one of the things you have the first night you are out.
  7. carmen

    Rothco Jungle Hammoc

    I caught this while checking out some clearance deals and I love the idea that it has netting. When we camp during the warmer months we just need something like this and a blanket. Is anyone aware of one that does not have hunter colors though?
  8. carmen

    Clipper Trailers

    We have changed our minds yet again. After seeing a friends trailer we just fell in love with the style. Right now we are looking at the Clipper LS. It is mainly going to be for the two of us and the prices look good too.
  9. carmen

    Edible or not

    I found this site and it is a great quick guide but I am looking for something we can keep in our packs when we are out & about. Can anyone recommend a good guide?
  10. carmen

    whole hog

    Is a whole wild hog the same as a wild boar? They are slightly different right? I was watching a show talking about smoking whole hogs for the holidays and they looked like normal piggies just a little longer (if that makes sense).
  11. carmen

    snowshoe brands

    Can anyone recommend a good brand for snowshoes? We are not as gracful as we were as kids. I was checking out a pair of Tubbs for my son but I really know nothing about them other than the reviews I see online.
  12. carmen

    Anyone from Utah?

    We have traveled through the state years ago but I have to say I was shocked to read about this doctor. Is anyone close to the area? News like this just saddens me.
  13. carmen

    Realtree Outfitters (boots)

    My husband needs a new pair of boots, he goes through them as quick as kids do when they are in school. Since Black Friday is coming up and I am well past hunting around in stores I have been checking out online deals. I looked over Bass Pro and the prices are pretty good, if I stock up on some...
  14. carmen

    Busy recipes

    We all like quick recipes around the campfire but I love the prep work of it. Anything to help keep my hands busy is a good thing because I need the extra work to keep the blood moving due to bad circulation. Does anyone have any busy recipes to share? Those that take a little more prep work...
  15. carmen

    meat differences

    For those who raise your own animals to feed your family, besides knowing what you are eating what are the main differences? Do home harvested meats taste better? I am thinking about getting some chickens.
  16. carmen

    kits or seam sealers?

    I know we have tried a few over the years, some were really bad. I could have done better myself with bubblegum and duct tape. After thinking about it yesterday I was just curious, do most people here use a full repair kit or a seam sealer?
  17. carmen

    Gauze & stocking up

    We have never had a traditional medical kit that we take with us but more of a homemade one. I hit a sale today on gauze stocking up and almost clearing the shelves. You really can never have too much. We tend to be bleeders sometimes even for tiny cuts so I stock up. How much gauze is everyone...
  18. carmen

    moose meat

    I would assume going after a moose is big game, to me it is. We were watching a show the other day talking about hunting for moose (an Alaska show if I remember correctly). Has anyone here had moose meat before? What does it taste like, or maybe, similar to?
  19. carmen

    volunteer on the hikes we love

    Does anyone here volunteer when it comes to local parks in your area? We have a few favorite trails that we love to check out and we figured it might be nice if we can signup to do this sometimes. I mean we pretty much take care of our areas when we visit, so why not actually do it officially...
  20. carmen

    feisty squirrels help

    What repels a squirrel other than a gun? This is not exactly surviving the wild but every now and then when we camp we run into very feisty squirrels and this has also happened at home. They will chase us and our cats. What can keep them at bay?