BAMBOO Hiking Sticks / Trekking Poles


I'm Selling a few Bamboo Hiking Sticks if anybody is interested.
These bamboo poles are extremely light. Metal trekking poles can get up to 2lbs. Seasoned Bamboo weighs merely ounces.

Not to mention that bamboo is EXTREMELY strong. Strength to weight ratio is far greater than most other materials. It has a 27,000lb p/sq.inch Tinsel strength which is higher than some steel.

High end metal trekking poles will run you around $80-$100.
These Ultra-Lite Bamboo poles start at $20 and up to $40 depending on what you want on it. Complex paint schemes run around $40.

Here is a sample picture of some of the Bamboo Trekking Poles I currently have for sale. All trekking poles come with a replaceable rubber tip and 18+ft of 550 survival paracord for the grip(removable).
Email me at if your interested in any of these.
For safe purchasing I will set up an ebay posting for whichever style you choose utilizing paypal to protect the buyer as well as the seller. Shipping typically runs around $11-$14 because of the size of the package.