Pine pitch lamp


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Do you like to use natural material when your out camping or hiking. Well here is a lamp that uses all natural material. First you need to find a rock that has a natural cup in it so it will hold the pine pitch or oil. A clam shell will also work but be careful as clam shell in my area are protected...even dead ones. Next you need to collect some pine pitch or sap. Just look for pine trees that have a wound or limbs that's been trimmed off. Pine trees release sap to cover it's wounds and protect it from bugs and disease. Collect that sap but don't take it all leave enough sap to keep the wound covered. I like using old plastic film containers to store my pitch in. If the pitch is soft use a twig and put some in your rock lamp, next place your wick on top or next to the pitch. You will have to get the pitch in a liquid form so the wick will draw it up and light your lamp. A Bic is great for getting the lamp going. If you do intend to go out and scar some trees make sure you ask or like me own the trees. Keep your eyes opened when you see someone trimming there pine trees just stop and ask if you can have some pitch. Most people will be interested to learn more and usually say yes. Fire Tinder And Pine Pitch Lamp - YouTube