Avoid Over Exercising When Fighting Colds And Flu

It is the middle of the winter, and this is the season for colds and flu. Finding a healthy level of exercise and physical activity.

Many people have a good level of health and healthy exercise, and when they get sick with the influenza or a cold, they can tend to push their physical activity level too much. They want to not lose their conditioning, but actually do damage to themselves by overdoing it.

When you are sick, it is a good rule of thumb to examine your situation. One good check is called the “Neck Check”.  Are your symptoms above or below the neck? If you have a cold that is mostly in your head, then you can often keep most of your workout level going without worrying too much about making yourself even sicker by keeping your regular workout and healthy exercise routine.

But if you are dealing with symptoms below the neck, chills, fever, whole body aching, diarrhea and other symptoms such as these, then you should take stock, and give your workout a rest for a few days.

Often people that are physically fit and have a committed workout schedule can do more damage to their body by pushing themselves excessively when they are sick. Do not over do it.

Yes, everyone worries about losing their conditioning level.
And yes, it will be something that will be an issue. But you can seriously affect your health if you don’t give your body time to recover when you get the flu. And if you have a serious case, you can literally wind up in the hospital if you push yourself too hard.

So, know your limits. And if you have the flu, take a moment and give yourself permission to take a break. Don’t worry, if you are a committed person with a regular physical fitness activity level and workout, you will be able to get back in the groove after you heal and recover.

If your symptoms are above the neck, you can exercise and it can actually help you resist a cold sometimes by getting gentle physical exercise. You should reduce your level a bit if you have a intense workout schedule, but you can still exercise relatively safely if your symptoms are all above the neck.

But again if you have symptoms of the flu and all its “benefits” then you should take a break and try to get well. Try to get in and see your doctor, and make sure what you have. Sometimes you might have a virus not the flu, and medication can assist your recovery if so.

Push liquids, make sure you stay hydrated. If you take a break, don’t worry you will get back into a healthy exercise level after you recover. Most people that are dedicated to their health and physical fitness find that they are able to regain their conditioning level fairly swiftly after they come back from having the flu.

Take it slow, and make sure that your physical exercise is at a healthy physical activity level. Healthy exercise means you have to be fairly healthy to participate, so if you are sick, take it slow, get better, and then worry about your healthy exercise level.

Your overall physical fitness levels will thank you, and ultimately your body will thank you too.