Outdoor Cooking: Barbecuing

When it comes to outdoor cooking and barbecuing, it is all in the sauces and spice rubs. Although traditionally barbecuing has been synonymous with steaks and hamburgers, the true barbecue chef will season his meat according to either his/her or his/her guest’s personal tastes. This means an understanding not only of how to use a barbecue grill and of outdoor cooking, but of seasoning and spices. Some barbecue chefs even prefer making their own sauces according to how they believe barbecue should taste which has led to some very interesting and tasty creations.

When it comes to your barbecue, you are not limited by what you can make on your barbecue. You can barbecue ribs, hamburgers, steaks, vegetables, and far more. You can also barbecue white meat like poultry, pork, or fish. One of the best things about your barbecue is that it is yours to use as you wish and it does not need power, only your time, a bit of fuel, and your imagination plus one of the best meats you can find. This includes making use of all of the seasoning, sauces, and spices which are at a barbecue chef’s disposal.

There are many sauces you can choose from which include tomato based barbecue sauces which can be seasoned with vegetables from your own garden if you have one. In addition, you can also make mustard or vinegar based sauces for the individuals who prefer either a spicy taste or slightly more acidic to grasp the full taste of the meat as with fish.  Some individuals have admitted they prefer a fruit or nutty flavor to their barbecues and will either smoke their meats or add bits of fruits and vegetables onto or into their meat.

Rubs are also excellent for many different types of meat including pork or poultry. Although rubs are usually best on white meat, many individuals state they also enjoy it on red and will often rub a good spice into their burgers or steak. The biggest mistake any barbecue chef can ever make is to not try the different types out there as there is so much to choose from your taste buds will never tire from the taste of your barbecue, nor will your neighbors stop envying you concerning that smell from over the fence.

Barbecuing is not merely about preparing meat; it brings a whole never level to neighborhood culture and family get-togethers. When you barbecue, you have an excuse for all of your friends and family members to sit outdoors and enjoy outdoor cooking while you show off your culinary skills. Not only will you be able to wow your guests with outdoor cooking, but you will be able to make sure they leave well fed and very content over your skills. It is also a great way to bring fellow employees or bosses around to your home, especially if you have your own sauce, rub, or spice you cannot wait to share with others.