Outdoor Cooking: Campfire Cooking

Outdoor cooking and campfire cooking have gone hand in hand for thousands of years even though it has not been done as much of late due to modern conveniences. However, while many do not take part in outdoor cooking like campfire cooking any longer, other groups like the Boy Scouts or barbecues still enjoy a good campfire cookout due to the flavor and enjoyment it can bring the cook and the guests. A campfire is simple in nature but provides much in the way of entertainment, food, and bringing individuals together. It also provides warmth and a sense of security for many individuals.

A campfire is a type of outdoor cooking which is very simple to setup and use, requiring only a small amount of preparation, time, and patience in order to create a delicious meal. It is rarely used in the backyard of homes any longer and is instead used when a family is out cooking in the wild as when on a camping or hiking trip. Outdoor cooking on a campfire helps individuals come in contact with nature and begin to appreciate more than when using a traditional barbecue such as a charcoal or gas grill. It also encourages individuals to be more cautious and to pick up after themselves more, which is something that does not often have to be done with a traditional grill as everything is contained and only needs to be scraped clean on occasion.

A small or medium sized campfire can be created using only wood as fire starter fluid will typically give an unwelcome flavor to any meet you will be cooking. It is also harmful to the environment when poured directly onto the ground. Once you have selected or caught your meat, you can use any number of concepts in order to cook your meat which includes a spit, a metal grill, a tripod shape hanger, or even laying it directly on the coals wrapped in aluminum foil.

Boy scouts in particular enjoy cooking outdoors on a campfire as for them it is easier and encourages teamwork between each other. Some individuals will go grab firewood while others prepare a safe site for the campfire to be placed. After this has been done, someone will light the fire, another individual or individuals will cook the meal, and another will still do the cleanup which means the load is shared and everyone can enjoy a great meal.

In fact, one of the best things about outdoor cooking is that you can work together if you choose, or the chef can put together the meal himself. By choosing a campfire method for outdoor cooking, you will quickly learn what nature has to offer you, especially if you treat it with respect and douse your fire plus clean up all evidence of your being there afterwards. Some choose a traditional barbecue, but until you have tried a campfire for your outdoor cooking you have never tasted how your meal can truly taste.