Outdoor Cooking: Cleanup

Cleanup is one of the most monotonous and yet necessary functions of all outdoor cleaning. No one wants to do it, but nonetheless it needs doing. However, with a little bit of work you can transform that boring but necessary task into something everyone can surprisingly enjoy, even if they start by saying there is no way they will ever enjoy it. It is possible that before too long you may be deciding you want to do some outdoor cooking just to get the family involved in the cleanup as you are interacting even more than you were during the actual meal.

Cleanup involves cleaning up the outdoor cooking of the grill, utensils, plates, and anything else that was used during the meal. Tradition holds it that if the chef cooks he does not need to be the one to clean up the mess. However, many chefs prefer cleaning up their own grill, no matter how tedious it can be at times. It can also be safer for the individual who was doing the grilling to do the cleaning of the grill as he or she may understand how to do so in a safer way than others might. For instance, he or she might know what is still hot even some time after the fire has gone out which another individual might not.

Try to get the whole family involved in the cleanup. Although they may protest initially, they will begin talking with each other and you may get to have conversations you were unable to do so during dinner. If there is growing discontentment in having to do the chore of cleanup, you can try to make it a game and say whoever is first done and does a good job gets dessert first, or may get another type of reward like seeing a movie that much sooner. Although some believe it is better to leave the cleanup until later, this may make it more difficult later on especially if the sun has gone down by the time you are able to return to it.

When it comes to anything that has been in contact with meat before it was cooked, you will want to encourage the wearing of latex or non-latex throwaway gloves as there is any number of bacteria and other potential concerns which may now be existing on what it touched. If you have children helping you with the cleanup, you may wish to do these items yourself in order to prevent them from possibly getting sick. Make sure everything washes their hands very well after cleanup is done in order to prevent the spread of germs.

Sing a song or have fun with a game during cleanup. Just because it is a necessary chore does not mean it has to be a boring one. Be creative and make it fun. This will add a whole new element to outdoor cooking which you had not realized was possible before, especially with your family.