What Everyone Needs to Know Before They BBQ

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the act of barbecuing and outdoor cooking.  Some people believe that when you BBQ you can’t possible cook healthfully, while others think if you simply throw BBQ sauce onto something, you can say it was BBQ’d.  If these myths are keeping you from heading out to your grill, it’s time to learn the facts of barbecuing and how you can make it work well for any meal time and for any gathering.

First of all, barbecuing doesn’t have to be unhealthy.  Actually, with outdoor cooking, you have a better chance of making healthier meals because you don’t have to use oils and fats to cook these meats.  Sauces like BBQ sauce are fat free and often low in calories, even if they have sugar in them.  To help make things even healthier, you can create your own sauces with olive oil and seasonings to brush on the meats.  In addition, the grill is a great place to steam vegetables.  You can use a small foil pouch, add some water, and then set the pouch in the grill alongside the meats you cook.  This will help to steam them to perfection – with no added fats.

As for the addition of BBQ sauce to your outdoor cooking, this is far from necessary.  Though many people do like the sweet and spicy taste of this sauce, you might also want to try some soy sauce or some specially made grill marinades on the grill as well.  You can also use salt rubs before you add your meats to the grill.  These rubs will pull in the moisture and add flavor at the same time.

Outdoor cooking is also not as difficult as one might think.  The key is to get the coals or the grill as warm as possible before you put any of your meats or other foods in place.  It’s when you have your grill too hot or too cold that you can begin to have troubles with cooking things too much or too little.  You want the grill to be well-heated by the time you place any meats on the rack, turning the items frequently to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked and ready for eating.

You will also want to make sure you are staying safe when you cook.  Current research has found that you should choose less fatty meats to put on the grill because the dripping can cause the meat to become carcinogenic in nature.  If you like to keep those fatty meats in your diet, instead try to add foil underneath them to catch the drippings before they are burnt by the coals.

And just because outdoor cooking looks like anyone can do it, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have gourmet possibilities as well.  You can actually create fancy meals on the grill.  Try roasting garlic, for example.  Just place one bulb in a pouch of foil and let sit in the grill for a few minutes.  Pull the bulb out and then cut open to reveal roasted garlic that can be spread on French bread.