How Not To Let Bugs Ruin Your Outdoor Vacation

If you are an active type of person, you probably enjoy spending time doing activities
outdoors while on vacations. Most people love to be outdoors and find it exciting to be
around the beauty of nature. Though being outdoors can be very fun and eventful, there are
also the unwanted pests that seem to unfortunantely come along with it. Bugs are everywhere
you go outdoors, and most are very irritating. You may be camping, walking, riding your
bike, or doing any other activity you enjoy doing outdoors and you notice all of those
annoying bugs along the way. Not only can these bugs really get on your nerves, but they
also can be dangerous. There are many types of bugs that carry diseases and can transmit
them to you in the case that you come in contact with them. So, what can you do to protect
yourself from these bugs and keep these bugs from ruining your outdoor experience?

Insect spray is the most popular method to keep the bugs away. When going on an outdoor
vacation bug spray should be the first thing you take with you. There are many different
brands of insect spray, some are more effective then others to keep the bugs away. Make sure
to read all the directions before using. You can apply insect spray as many times as you
need, but you will should always follow the directions on how to correctly apply. Sprays
that contain at least one of these ingredients are highly recommended: picaridin, oil of
lemon, eucalyptus, PMD, or IR3535. These ingredients are the ones that will work the best.

Wear clothing that will protect you while you walk through any wooded areas. Long sleeve
shirts and long pants are the best to wear. This type of clothing will help protect you from
all of those awful mosquitoes and ticks. Keep your pants tucked into your socks to prevent
ticks from crawling up by your ankles. Wear a hat to keep your hair protected from
infestation and always wear closed shoes. Wear light colored clothing that will allow you to
see if ticks are crawling on you.

When preparing to go to sleep for the night, be sure to only use a tent that is made with a
mosquito netting or a screen to keep any bugs out of your tent. If you do not have this type
of netting, you may find yourself waking up with tons of bug bites. You can also use
permethrin to keep the mosquitoes away. Clothing that has been treated with permethrin
normally will last for up to five washings. If it does happen to rain, you should retreat
your tent with the repellant.

Avoid using any fragerances such as lotion, perfumes, or body spray. Bugs appear to be more
attracted to people that wear sweet scents. Bugs such as bees are very attracted to sweet
scents such as flower based perfumes.

Keep your eyes protected at all times. Bugs tend to find it appealing to fly around your
eyes, which can be very irritating for you. If you have taken the time to protect the rest
of your body but have forgotten about your eyes, bugs are going to want to be around any
area that is not protected. To protect your eyes you can wear sunglasses or goggles.

Bugs are constantly out, whether it is during the day or at night. They are normally very
active around dusk and dawn, but mosquitoes are active anytime of the day. They will bite
you any chance that they can get. Mosquitoes are the worst insects but there are so many
other types of bugs that you need to be sure to protect yourself from. The best thing you
can do is be prepared to take any steps that you need to so you can keep all those pesky
bugs off of you. You do not want to be worrying about bugs while you are trying to enjoy
your outdoor vacation.