Make Any Outing Easier with a Coleman Wheeled Cooler

With a variety of products to fit any budget, and sizes ranging from 16 to 100 quarts, Coleman Wheeled Coolers are a must-have addition to any well prepared camper’s arsenal. Coleman Coolers are insulated with Thermozone, an environmentally friendly material able to withstand 6 full days at temperatures upwards of 90° Fahrenheit, all while keeping it’s contents at a frigid 32° or colder. Thermozone is a great additional for the nature conscious, as it contains no CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs compounds derived from chloroform that are known to contribute to ozone depletion and greenhouse gas pollution. Prices range from $25 to $60 for smaller models, $80 to $150 for large.

The larger models feature broad, rugged wheels and a sturdy exterior capable of handling any terrain without scratches or dents; and once you’ve wheeled the way to your destination you can avoid getting bugs and dirt in your food by using the insulated 2 inch lid as a durable tabletop with four built in cup holders. When the adventure is through simply release the rust proof, leak proof drain located on the bottom of the cooler for easy, no fuss cleanup. With the capacity to hold over a weeks worth of food, as well as a built in cutting board, this cooler will be your kitchen away from home on long camping trips.

Mid-size models feature the same tough exterior, wheels and cupholders as their larger counterparts, but with a smaller, easier to manage size. Two way handles allow for easy navigation, and several of the mid-size models are made to accommodate elastic tie down cords for easy carrying for tarps, tents, and blankets. Capable of storing several day’s worth of cooled meats, cheeses and other refrigerated goods, these are perfect for weekend outings and hiking trips.

Smaller coolers, like the 16 ounce model, are extremely light and versatile with little sacrifice in the way of mobility. Small coolers are best for day long trips, picnics, and couples’ camping excursions. The meager size means some loss of insulation, but models are still fully capable of handling 90° weather for upwards of two to three days. Try taking one of Coleman’s personal wheeled coolers the next time you go to the zoo or local fair and save yourself some cash by avoiding overpriced vendors.

Consumers report occasional issues with models featuring extendable handles, claiming they can sometimes become sticky and refuse to extend. Most customers are overflowing with praise, backing Coleman’s ‘6 day claim’ with their own positive experiences. Many report ice staying frozen within their coolers for upwards of ten days in fair weather, far longer than possible with competitors’ wheeled coolers. Overall product satisfaction is high, proving once again that Coleman is at the top of their game for portable outdoor coolers. All models can be purchased online for a substantial shipping and handling fee, or in person at your local sporting goods or camping supplies outlet. All new Coleman coolers come with a limited warranty at no additional cost, and product registration can be found on their website.