Outdoor Cooking: Fire Pit Cooking

Known as one of the oldest outdoor cooking methods, fire pit cooking has been used in many different cultures as a way to cook larger animals for bigger groups of people. Regardless of what you are cooking, this can be an enjoyable and tasty method of cooking your favorite animal which can feed a large group of people if you need to. In addition, it is great at parties and appears rather interesting when you have a crowd of individuals who are watching you as you cook in a fire pit. If you wish to impress a crowd and do a great job on outdoor cooking, fire pit cooking is at the top of the list.

Fire pit cooking is a form of outdoor cooking where you did a hole in the ground based off of what you are planning to cook. It is important to always allow for at least an extra foot in every direction around your chosen meat and to line your pit with stones or rocks in order to prevent the ground from catching on fire or seeping into your meat. Be sure to clean and wrap your meat well before you begin in order to prevent the meat from becoming dirt crusted which might spoil the taste, especially if this is for a large family gathering where you will want to impress your family members.

Begin by digging your pit and sizing it according to what you need plus an extra foot. Remember to line your pit and wrap your meat to avoid contamination or any other problems. When it comes to lining your pit, avoid any kind of salted or heavily mineralized rock with salt content as once the heat is turned up these might have the possibility of exploding which could destroy your meat and possibly injury others in the process.

In addition, when you are doing any form of outdoor cooking it is very important to be careful with your meat both beforehand and during cooking. Meat needs to be refrigerated properly and not left out in the heat or exposed to the air for too long as it will spoil. If you only have a cooler to keep it cool, make sure your wrap your meat well and use plenty of ice in the cooler.

When it comes to cooking your meat, be sure you have seasoned it if you wish to do it and wrap it very well before placing it in the ground so that it will not dry out. Be advised your cooking time in the ground can be up to 12 hours and this should be planned on accordingly. Do not skimp on your time as this can make the difference between a tasty dinner treat and undercooked meat which will leave your guests hungry. If you have prepared your meat well and left it time to cook, you will have an amazing outdoor cooking experience you can share with family and friends.