Owning a Gun: Am I ready?

With many people all over the world owning guns, or making the decision to finally own a gun
there are many important questions that need to be answered and taken into consideration.
Most people tend to think that owning a gun is really not that big of a deal, and that they
are ready to own one. What most people fail to realize is that some of us are not
technically ready to become a gun owner. Owning a gun is not something to be taken lightly.
It is a very important matter and it is extremely important for anyone that is considering
purchasing a gun to be sure they are 100% ready to take on the responsibility that comes
with owning any type of gun. So before you step into your local gun shop, you should be
asking yourself one simple question. Am I ready?

There are many different types of requirements that are needed in order to have the right to
own a gun. Different states will have different requirements. You will need to do some
thorough research into these requirements, before even considering owning a gun. You will
not have the right to own any type of gun until you have met all requirements needed by your
certain states regulations. Each state may have a variety of laws that another state might
not have. When deciding if you are ready to own a gun, there are quite a few federal laws
that will pertain to everyone in the United States. Below is a list stating who is
ineligible to own a gun. If any of these concern you, then you are not ready to own a gun.

1.Anyone who has been convicted of a crime and was punished by imprisonment for at least one
year. This excludes any state misdemeanors that were punishable for two years or less.

2.Fugitives from justice.

3.Users that have illegally used certain types of depressants, narcotics, or stimulant

4.Anyone who has been committed to any mental institutions, or has any mental defectives.

5.Illegal immigrants.

6.Citizens who have renounced their citizenship.

7.Anyone younger then 18 years of age, are unable to purchase a shotgun or rifle.

8.Anyone younger then 21 years of age, are unable to purchase a firearm other then a shotgun
or rifle.

9.Anyone who is subject to any court order due to harassment, stalking, or threatening their
intimate partner.

10.Anyone that has been convicted in any court for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

These are the federal laws that pertain to every person. Before deciding to own a gun, you
need to make sure none of these involve you. If they do, you will be unable to own any type
of gun. When making the ultimate decision as to whether or not you are ready to own a gun,
there are many other things to consider first.

Are you depressed, lonely, angry? If you are you may not be ready or mentally fit to own a
gun. It is very important to be honest with yourself about your emotional stability before
you take on the risk to yourself and other people. If you are mentally unstable, owning a
gun may become a huge issue. The risk of suicide has become five times greater in households
that have a gun, then any other household. Also, you need to question yourself about anyone
else who may be in your household, that could have access to the gun. Are they mentally
stable? This is important when knowing if you are ready to own a gun, simply because safety
is extremely important. You do not want to be mentally unstable and have a gun in your
hands. You need to be sure that you have the responsibility that comes along with owning a
gun. Guns are not a game, they are very serious and you should be sure that you are stable
enough to take on that type of responsibility.

When officially deciding if you are ready to own a gun, be sure to check with your states
requirements. There are going to be many laws and test you will normally end up needing in
order to be ready to own a gun. You need to do research and understand these laws before
making a decision. This is the best thing you can do in order to know if you are officially
ready to own a gun.