The Wilderness Survival – Altoid Stove

Have you ever walked through the camping section of your local sporting goods shop and taken note of the stoves that are available? Most will assume that these stoves are designed for casual eating. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with such an impression. Most of these stoves will serve such simple and basic purposes. However, there is another dimension such stoves can take. In particular, they may be necessary in order to save and maintain one’s life in the aftermath of a wilderness calamity. In short, you may need to rely on such a stove to succeed with wilderness survival. One such stove would be the altoid stove and it must be seriously considered when weighing options for wilderness survival.

And wilderness survival is something that needs to be taken seriously….

The subject of wilderness survival has been brought to the public’s consciousness due to a series of unfortunate instances that have made the news. Sadly, there have been situations where traditional ventures out into the wilderness turned frightening. In some instances, this was due to the weather changing without expectation. Some of these disasters were the result of someone suffering an unexpected injury. Then, there is the common problem of someone simply getting lost in the woods. Regardless of the reason such a situation develops, effective wilderness survival techniques will need to be employed.

Let us not sugarcoat things in any way. The process of wilderness survival entails keeping yourself alive when a dangerous situation occurs. The goal here is to either survive long enough until you can escape the situation on your own or when you are found by rescuers. Either way, you will need to rely upon effective tools and survival equipment that can help prolong your safety and life. Now, there are scores of different devices and tools that can be employed to improve the odds of successful wilderness survival. Some of which are frequently overlooked. In some instances, those new to hobbyist pursuits in the great outdoors might not have ever heard of these items. As such, it becomes important to familiarize yourself with such items when you wish to venture into wilderness training. This brings us back to the altoid stove.

What makes the altoid stove to helpful to wilderness survival plans? Basically, this is a very small and simple stove. As such, it can be easily packed and carried on any venture into the wilderness. Some may not like to use an altoid stove as a primary stove. That is fine. It can be employed as a backup or it can be carried in one’s backpack. If you are separated from your camping partners, you can access this scaled down stove. Certainly, you would not be able to carry a large stove around with you but an altoid most definitely is a lot easier to travel with. This can make a huge difference between surviving or not.

The fuel required to “fire up” an altoid stove is neither expensive nor difficult to carry. Such a two-pronged benefit makes an altoid stove a great deal more accessible than other stoves on the camping market. For those in dire need of an effective stove that expands wilderness survival potential. Hence, you can increase the odds of survival since you will have access to an effective stove.

The way the stove works is fairly simple. It does not require any specialized skills or talents. That is assuredly a good thing since no one wishes to fumble through complicated instructions in a seriously dangerous wilderness survival scenario. Basically, such a stove is a hallow altoid container that will provide the needed flames to cook with. Simply placing a container over the flames is all you have to do. Of course, you will need to secure the stove and this is often done by placing it directly into a small dug out hole in the ground.

And while food is important for survival, heat and warmth could prove to be more helpful. An altoid stove could prove to be most helpful in the sense that it provides much needed warmth that can save a person from serious exposure to the elements. Keep that in mind when you consider altoid stoves and their relationship to wilderness survival.