Top 10 Easy Geocaching Acronyms

Geocaching is an exciting international game of hide and seek to find various items. By using coordinates and GPS technology, the user can accurately place a geocache at a specific location anywhere in the world. By sharing its existence and location online, geocachers enjoy the challenge of finding treasure by following clues by solving clues. Join the fun by learning the following terms to help you find your hidden treasure.

1. BYOP- Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil. At some cache locations, there is a written log for geocachers to sign to show others have successfully found the item. BYOP is a term used by cache owners to notify geocachers to bring a writing utensil to use by signing a physical log of items found.
2. CITO- Cache In Trash Out. All geocaching activity should leave no trace of caches found from other users. Be kind to bring a trash bag to remove extra debris from the site to keep private and public lands clear of trash so others can clearly find the cache.
3. DNF- Did Not Find. A universal acronym used to help notify other cache owners that the item is difficult to locate. The cache may have been removed from the designated coordinates. Repeated DNF reports alerts the person who placed the cache to check the location or coordinates to make sure it still exists.
4. D/T- Difficult Terrain. Acronym to describe the physical condition of the area where the cache is reported to be located. This assists the geocachers to be prepared while searching
5. FTF/STF- First to Find/Second to Find. This is the ultimate in geocaching. With newly posted coordinates, signing the online or physical log with FTF or STF means they are documented to be the first to find or second to find the cache.
6. FUBAR- Fouled Up Beyond Repair. This acronym reports the cache location or coordinates are problematic. As a courtesy, this notification saves time and prevents others from unnecessarily searching for the cache.
7. GZ- Ground Zero. Ground Zero means the GPS has successfully placed you extremely close to the geocache. Arriving at Ground Zero means you are within yards of the cache, so begin to search very carefully.
8. PNG- Park and Grab. A fast and simple cache for most geocachers. Easy coordinates to discover the hidden items means you should be able to effortlessly park your vehicle and grab the cache.
9. TNLN/TNLNSL- Took Nothing Left Nothing/Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log. Interchangeable acronyms for geocaching for the thrill of locating the item but making a choice to not take the item. After locating the item, a geocacher may or may not sign an online or physical log.
10. TFTC-Thanks For The Cache. Acronym usually written in online or physical log when a geocacher documents they found the item.

When you become familiar with these basic acronyms, geocaching will become a solo or family fun activity. So grab your GPS, locate your coordinates and begin to search for a cache near you!