Waterproof Backpacks: A Good Idea?

For many people who enjoy spending time outdoors, having the right gear for their favorite activities is absolutely essential. Sacrificing quality for a bargain buy is simply not an option when a cheap tent could leave you soaking wet on a rainy night, poor hiking boots bring painful blisters, and improper repelling equipment could actually endanger your life. Spending time camping, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and doing other outdoor activities is both enjoyable and healthy. However, these activities must be pursued with an understanding of the risks they involve, in addition to an appreciate of the necessary tools to make outdoor activities fun and exciting every time.

The backpack is probably one of the most basic essentials of outdoor endeavors. Backpacks allow you to carry everything you need for your adventure, regardless of what you’re doing. Many sporting goods stores have departments dedicated to backpacks and bags that cater to “outdoorsy” people’s needs. These backpacks are designed to hold as much as possible and to distribute the weight they’re holding in a healthy manner so the carrier is able to hike with the backpack on and not get too exhausted or strain an important muscle while in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization or fast medicine. The backpack is extremely important for nearly any outdoor activity, and purchasing the right one can certainly define just how successful a camping or hiking event will be.

Waterproof backpacks may be initially overlooked as an option due to additional cost or the buyer just thinking they’re unnecessary. Granted, many outdoor activities may have little use for a waterproof backpack, at least most of the time. However, purchasing a waterproof backpack could be one of the smartest buys a person could make. Having the extra waterproof feature could save you money down the road, and could even save your life.

If you’re hiking in a region where there are a lot of rivers or swamps, having a waterproof backpack just makes sense. Especially if you’re fishing or hiking through water, it’s too easy for your bag to fall into the water, or to be set down and accidentally fall into the water, to not purchase a waterproof backpack. Ultimately, if much of your outdoor time is spent around water, you need to protect your belongings from the water. Sooner or later, you will probably encounter water damage that could have been prevented.

Obviously rain impacts every outdoorsy person at some point. Flash thunderstorms can begin with a moment’s notice, and even the light shower can soak your belongings if you’re unable to get out of the rain quickly. A waterproof backpack gives you freedom to escape the rain. You no longer need to cower beneath an overhang until the storm passes in order to protect your belongings from getting wet; now you’re free to walk out of the woods and into real shelter. If the storm is strong enough, this ability could save your life.

It’s true that many of your belongings will simply get wet, but not be damaged, if they were rained on or landed in a river. But take stock of what you typically carry with you, and asses how greatly you would be hurt if those things got wet. Cameras, cell phones, and other electronics would likely be destroyed, costing hundred of dollars. A destroyed cell phone or radio could even put you in danger, if you were unable to call for help and needed it. Food could be destroyed, and so could other supplies if they were wet long enough. Even if it’s simply a matter of clothes and blankets getting wet, think of how much time and frustration you’d save if you didn’t have to wait for these things to dry out.

In the end, nearly everyone who enjoys being outdoors will run into a scenario where a waterproof backpack will be a blessing. Think about how buying one could help you in the long run before deciding on such an important part of outdoor life.