Bow Hunting

With its long history dating back thousands of years, bow hunting has since been labeled as one of the most graceful of hunting sports. Archery dates back to early China where emperors and others of noble stature were taught bow skills as a matter of rank and privilege. With the inception of improvements upon the original design of bow and arrow weaponry, bow hunting techniques proved an invaluable advantage in war as well.

Credited with helping Hannibal to outsource the Romans at Parthia, the advanced weaponry of the archery bow coupled with the newly invented saddle stirrups afforded Hannibal’s armies the benefit of speed and weapon accuracy. While realizing the need for a lighter weapon yet determined to harbor a deadly precision, European bow masters experimented with many different types of wood and structural designs for another evolution of archery bow.

Although usually maintaining a length parallel to the height of the user, the longbow became the preferred hunting tool for the early European hunter. Affording the hunter with an accuracy poised from the even spread of pressure between bow and string, the hunter’s arrow could rest dead center and spring forward with a poised and nearly silent accuracy. Bows made of abundant European woods such as lemon wood, hickory and sage orange came into use when the yew tree, the commonly preferred wood used for bows, became less and less prevalent throughout Europe.

Bows today carry even more precision and are offered in a variety of unique materials and designs. While still adhering to the craftsmanship of old, modern bows and accessories remain true to the original nature and art of the bows man first created thousands of years ago. The graceful structure and timeless beauty of this regal sport defines itself as among the most attractive and skill oriented hunting sports in the world.

Choosing your particular bow can be exciting. The physical stature of the sportsman, their manual dexterity, game preference as well as the preferred type and design of bow weapon should be carefully considered. The suggested way to choose a first hunting bow is to try them out. The preferred weight and feel particular to the hunter will help make the decision easier.

Introduced to Wisconsin in 1934, the official bow hunting season in the United States varies by state but usually starts when seasonal rutting activity is defined. The game for gun and bow hunters alike is the same and the season is governed by state to state restrictions. While bow hunting is usually confined to the fall and winter seasons, bow fishing, an up and coming sport among bow hunting enthusiast, carries very little restrictive intervention and can be enjoyed from early spring and well into the fall season in many areas. With a reel attached to the bow, the hunter is then able to spear the game fish from either shore or boat and reel in their catch. An unusual yet fast growing choice for both fishing enthusiasts and bow hunters alike, bow fishing is a challenging and exciting alternative to the usual fishing trends.

The skills engaged in bow hunting afford the avid outdoor sportsman with a unique experience. The details involved in the maintenance and crafting of the bow and archery equipment hold both the appeal of modern mechanics as well as old world artistry. The tuning of the weapon and proficiency of its use speaks to the fine expertise and skill set of the hunter. While gun hunters have the benefit of distance at their side, bow hunters must employ a certain skill unique only to the activity involved in stalking their prey as closely and as carefully as possible.

The physical poise involved when holding the graceful bow while targeting the sighted game animal is uncommon to most hunting techniques. Those who choose the regal sport of bow hunting, call into play the timeless art of skill, cleverness and a keen ability for stalking preferred game. While game hunting during gun season is a popular choice for most hunters, bow hunting is growing in popularity among those who seek to blend the exciting aspect of the hunt with the ageless appeal and refined grace of the bow.