Building the Ultimate Turkey Gun

There are many variations of the shotgun that can be used for turkey hunting. The most popular are the semi automatic or pump action. They are offered in both 10 and 12 gauge. If you want to build the ultimate turkey gun, there are several modifications that you can make to the basic pump or semi automatic shotgun.

First of all, there are lots of after market stocks and forends available. The best option for your turkey gun will be a thumb hole stock. The thumb hole stock will give you more control and allow you to increase your level of accuracy.

You want a forend with deep checkering as it will allow you to have a better grip. These stocks can be found in various hardwoods, black synthetic, or feature your favorite camouflage pattern. If you will be hunting for turkey out of a ground blind, the black synthetic will get the job done.

If your shotgun barrel has a raised vented rib that the bead sights are attached to, there are after market shotgun sights that resemble rifle sights. The most popular ones are fiber optic. They are also fully adjustable for windage and elevation. These sights will greatly improve the accuracy of your shot.

The general appearance of the gun will be very important due to the fact that turkeys have keen eyesight. You want to dress up the gun to blend in with the surroundings and camouflage clothing that you will be wearing during the hunt. Many shotguns and shotgun stocks are available in these camouflage patterns. However, if you are customizing a gun that isn’t camouflage you will find various gun wraps and tapes. They can be found with just about any pattern of camouflage you are interested in.

Choosing your choke tube is very important when you build your own turkey gun. Most manufacturers are now offering a specific choke tube for turkey hunting. However, if you can’t find one specifically for turkey hunting then you can install one that has a dense pattern such as an extra full choke tube.

Typically, these choke tubes will put 85% to 90% of the shot in a 30 inch circle at a range of 40 yards or more. This will allow you to take a head shot at the turkey and to increase your confidence of the kill. At the same time it will keep the shot from penetrating the usable parts of the turkey such as the breasts.

Since most turkey hunting will be done sitting in thick cover and with you being low to the ground, having a bipod on your turkey shotgun is a good idea. This will help to hold the gun steady while you are taking your shot.

When it comes to building the ultimate turkey gun, you want to have something that is durable and reliable. You can also have fun creating the look you want. Keep in mind that you also need the gun to be something that is well hidden from the turkeys. The cost of the various items you need to create your turkey gun will vary. Take your own budget into consideration when you shop. However, you want to keep the quality of such items in mind and make that a priority.