Finding a Great Guided Mule Deer Hunt

Mule deer hunting is extremely popular in the modern day and age, as it provides the great excitement of hunting big game in new and enjoyable locations. For those who do not live out west, in Colorado or Montana or Wyoming, mule deer hunting can be a great vacation to see some of the more remote and wild parts of the United States. For those who already live in these states, mule deer hunting is still the perfect way to get out into nature, get some exercise, and participate in a sport than many people find exhilarating. Mule deer hunting can be a bit tricky, especially if one is not from the area in which one is hunting and so does not know the terrain very well. To solve this problem, there are a number of places that offer guided mule deer hunts, where professional guides will lead the expeditions and give them a much greater chance of success.

One quality company in Wyoming that offers guided mule deer hunts is AJ Outfitters. They have vast tracts of private land in which one is allowed to hunt, meaning that the game will not be over-hunted by other hunters, and also meaning that there will be no other hunters out in the area in which the expedition goes. They have knowledgeable and experienced guides who make the trips with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Once they have drawn close to the prey, the stalking is then done on foot. This is the perfect way to hunt, as it eliminates the need for long, over-land hikes, but keeps the thrill of being on foot to chase the deer down in the end. AJ Outfitters has had a one hundred percent license draw rate running now for many years, and odds are that one will be able to draw from them, though they cannot guarantee this due to extenuating circumstances.

Another Wyoming company is the Rockin’ 7 Ranch. For accommodations, they boast a beautiful lodge made with real log construction. The tall glass windows give a sweeping view of the countryside and the lighting withing in warm and comfortable even on cold nights. The ranch has been family-owned since it was established in 1914; the Reese family owns both the land and equipment for a successful hunt, which means that there are few people who are more dedicated or know more about hunting. They have been doing it for generations, and they will be able to give the new hunter the perfect experience.

If one would prefer to go to Colorado for their hunting trip, one should look no further than Action Adventures, a guided hunt provider and outfitter with many years of experience. They offer a hunt that is true to the nature of the west, as it is taken not by truck, but on horseback. They also have no high fences around their land, a tactic employed by other companies in order to hem the mule deer in and make them easy to catch. At Action Adventures, they believe that takes all the sport out of it, and thus all the excitement. They feel it is too easy to chase a mule deer down in a truck when it has nowhere to run. From the horseback hunting journey to the home-cooked meals in the lodge, Action Adventures will provide a trip worth remembering that hearkens back to the glory days of hunting.

For hunting in Montana, a state with so much open land to be used, one can book their trip with Armells Creek Outfitters. The private land is ideal, situated in the Missouri River Breaks and the Judith Mountains, an area of Montana that many people desire to hunt. They specialize in small groups, taking a maximum of five hunters a week, so the hunter can be assured that they will have a guide dedicated to giving them the perfect hunting trip.

Whether one chooses Wyoming, Colorado, or Montanta, one will find that mule deer hunting is a great pastime. Even if one is not a hunter already, the guided tours will provide all the experience one needs to have a productive hunting trip and bag one’s first mule deer. There are few more rewarding trophies in hunting.