How To Use Turkey Hunting Decoys

When using turkey hunting decoys it is important for you to understand the proper way to use
them. When you have a full understanding of how you can correctly use them, you will achieve
a much more exciting and successful experience while hunting. Turkey hunting decoys are
intended to lure in wild birds and help to insist in the capture of the turkey. The most
important thing to remember while using a turkey decoy is that you should attempt to use the
decoys while you move in for the kill. Be sure the turkey is distracted by the decoy before
making your move. This is the most important hunting technique when it comes to successfully
catching a wild turkey. If the turkey is not fully distracted by the decoy, they have the
chance of getting away before you can catch them. Using a turkey decoy can be quite tricky
which is why it is very important for you to know how to use the decoy correctly. You may
find that using the decoy is not very easy but if you learn to follow a few simple tips, you
can get the most out of your turkey hunting.

First, you should know that it is not wise to use a turkey hunting decoy at all times. If
you are hunting in an area that is in the middle of a wide opened field or in an overly
obstructed path you will not be getting much use out of the decoy. Areas that are too open
will give the turkey more of the opportunity to get away if they see you are coming. Turkey
hunting decoys will work best if you use them in areas that are close to clearings and
covers. When searching for these areas try to find one that will interest the turkeys such
as areas that have ample cover. Turkey decoys also work well in areas that are closed off.

Once you choose the perfect area to place your turkey hunting decoys, you will need to
decide how many decoys you want to use. There will be many times while hunting that you will
need to use multiple decoys, while there will be other times you will only need to use one
decoy. When deciding on how many decoys to use you should base your decision on the number
of turkeys that you plan on needing to distract. If you will need to distract a large number
of turkeys you will need multiple decoys, but if you are only wanting to distract one turkey
you may only need to use one decoy. Also another factor when using decoys is how dense the
woods in the area you are hunting. If the woods are denser you will need to use more decoys.
The most important thing to do is keep the turkeys attention on the decoys as long as you

You will also need to decide what type of turkey hunting decoys that will work the best.
There are a variety of types you can use, so it is up to you to find the one that you find
works well. The most common types of decoys available are ones that have mobile parts that
are made to move in sync with the breeze. You will want to choose decoys that have more of a
realistic look and feel, such as ones that are made with feathers that will sway naturally
in the breeze. Motion decoys tend to work much better than still decoys, but you should also
avoid using ones that have too much movement. If the decoy is moving around too much it may
scare the turkeys away instead of attracting them.

When using decoys be sure that you are placing the decoys at least more then 15 yards away
from your prey but not more then 35 yards. It is important for the turkey to have the
ability to see clearly for the decoy to be effective. You also do not want to be too far
away from where the turkey is, you should get as close as possible. This will make it much
easier for you to take action when you have the turkey right where you want it.

While you are turkey hunting you should never be afraid to mix things up occasionally.
Choose a variety of decoys to use for different groups of turkeys. This is important when
you are hunting around the same areas. This will ensure that the turkeys will stay
interested in the decoys and not sense that they are traps.