Hunting Wild Boar

Hunting wild boar can be one of the most exciting and entertaining outdoor activities. From newbies to pros, wild boar hunting can be a challenging yet thrilling hobby. You may find that chasing the quick and wily boar through shrubbery will get your engine running. Wild boars are widely considered to be pests to farmers and in the general environment. The carry a wide array of diseases and kill many domestic and wild animals, destroy valuable crops and wildlife, and just generally create a big mess! So when you are hunting boar, you are not just passing the time – you are also helping rid the environment of pests.

Most boars are found in the Appalachian mountains, particularly in the southern states. States like Tennessee and Alabama have large populations of boar due to the warm weather, constant shelter, and consistent water supply. Giant “Razorback” boars roam among these areas, varying greatly in size. The bigger the boar, the more awards you can reap from hunting it. More meat to enjoy, bigger tusks to mount, and a greater contribution to the environment.

As a bit more background information about feral boars – wild boars are omnivores, meaning that they are both carnivores and herbivores. They endanger many domestic animals and wild animals as well. They sexually mature around six months of age, and their tusks are used as their main sense of defense and offense. The tusks grow continuously with age, and eventually turn into large tools for spearing. Their young children can sometimes have a different color fur than the adults – a lighter, more striped coat. Depending on the region you choose to hunt in, the wild boar can range in size up to 650 pounds. Clearly, you will be dealing with a large, hulking animal with the ability to spear and prod. It is best to go boar hunting for your first time through an agency that can provide dogs or a regional expert guide to assist you.

Many states in the Appalachian range have boar hunting services and tour companies that you can enjoy during an outdoor excursion. These organizations will provide you with an expert guide, access to the best trophy size boars and usually meals and lodging as well. Your guide will bring you to the best access point for hunting the best wild boars, and from there will either stay with you or let you proceed on by yourself. Either way, they will generally be within close proximity of your location and will usually be able to be called upon. They can help you field dress or just plain do it for you. You can take advantage of your guide’s knowledge to learn the most about the sport of boar hunting, the region you are hunting in, and various tips and techniques.

Boars live in various diverse habitats, so it is important to know which sort of weapon you will need for proper boar hunting. This is dependent on both the habitat you are hunting in as well as the size of the boars you expect to poach. The basic twelve gauge shotgun is always a great option for hunting any sort of game, and feral boars are no exception to this rule. Of course, this technique will only be effective at close range. .44 Magnums and 30 cal Winchesters are great from medium to long range, and some people prefer to use of the bow and arrow for high velocity and penetration. Make sure to consult some sort of expert before picking out which weapon will be the best for your excursion in boar hunting.

In summary, wild boar hunting can be one of the most adrenaline-fueled hunts of your lifetime. There are few things more exciting than chasing after a feral pig in thick brush, and then reaping all the benefits after a successful kill. Before you hunt, make sure you know which hunting tools to bring, where you are going, and what size boars you will be hunting. While anyone from beginner to expert can enjoy the thrill of a boar hunt, it is best to educate yourself and make sure the first time you go out is with an expert. Look into boar hunting for the thrill of a lifetime!