Thining of a Hunt But Confused About What to Hunt?

The great thing about the sport of hunting is the wide variety of hunts you have to choose from. You can hunt for deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, and much more. Each of these hunts brings a different element to the table. They each require their own set of tactics and equipment in order to be successful. This article will give a simple introduction pertaining to a few of the most popular species of wild game.

Out of all of the animal species, the most popular is the whitetail deer. This animal is known for its elusiveness and keen senses, In order to successfully harvest one of these animals, a hunter needs to be knowledgeable about the behavior and patterns of the whitetail deer. When hunting these animals, the most important concept to understand involves choosing the right location. You have to know where the deer live in order to be an efficient hunter. Deer generally need only three things – food, water, and a place where they feel safe. A whitetail’s favorite food source is the acorn. Hunting over a large white oak loaded with acorns is a great place to setup. Other food sources include soybeans, corn, grass, the tips of undergrowth, and many other sources as well. Deer are a lot like goats in the sense that they will eat just about anything that they can find. Deer, like every other animal, require water in order to survive. An area with both food and water is a great place to look for whitetail deer. Besides food and water, deer usually prefer to bed down in a thicket. Thick areas provide both shelter and a safe place from predators. The most popular weapon of choice for these animals is the rifle, but bow hunting is also quite popular.

Turkeys are another highly sought after game animal. They are known for their beautiful appearance in the spring and their unique calls. Most states do not permit the taking of female turkeys, also known as hens, so the male turkey is the usual prey. Male turkeys are generally larger than females and are much more visually appealing. They have beards hanging down from their breasts and spurs on the back of their two legs. Male turkeys are referred to as Jakes if they are young and Toms when they are mature. The best way to tell whether or not a turkey is mature is by the length of its beard. A mature turkey or tom will usually have a beard of at least seven inches. In the wild, many times the male will be prettier than the female. The reason for this whole happening is that the males are attracting the females. So, the best looking male will generally attract the most females. The most common tactic for hunting turkeys is to call for them. Hunters imitate the calls of a hen by using a diaphragm call, a box call, or a slate call. Diaphragms are easy because they can be manipulated without the use of a hunter’s hands. This will decrease the amount of movement made when calling and can increase a hunters chances at successfully harvesting a bird. However, they are not the easiest of calls to use for hunting turkeys. Box calls are a great choice for the beginning turkey hunter. They require little technique and can be a lot of fun. Slate calls require only a little bit of experience, but are also a great call for beginners. All that they require for producing a great sounding turkey call is a striker. A striker is used to gently stroke across the call’s surface in order to produce a great call. Turkeys are great at picking up movement and can hear several times better than a human can. For this very reason, turkeys are very popular among hunters all over the world.