What Are the Types of Hunting Guns Available?

There are several different types of hunting guns available. Learning about your options will make it possible for you to have the best hunting experiences possible. It will also ensure that the money you spend on such equipment doesn’t go to waste. The types of hunting you plan to participate in will influence what you should purchase.

For larger game animals such as deer, elk, or antelope you will have a variety of different styles and calibers to choose from. The bolt action rifle is the most popular and there are also semi automatic lever action and break open single shot large bore rifles on the market. The bolt action rifle has a reputation for being extremely accurate. This is due to the fact that it has no moving parts in the action when it is being fired. Along with the capability for quick follow up shots when your rifle has a capacity of more than one round.

These same styles of rifles such as the very popular bolt action are available in a variety of smaller calibers too. This includes the .22 caliber which is very popular for plinking and small game hunting. Along with calibers especially for the varmint or predator hunting. One of the best calibers for this is the 223 REM which has great ballistics. It is one of the best for long range shooting of smaller animals such as coyotes.

Bird hunting is very popular and you will want to use a shotgun. They are offered in various designs such as semi automatic, break open, single or double barrels, and the popular pump action models. The most popular for shotguns is the 12 gauge. The various selection of choke tubes that can be installed in the gun, the 12 gauge can be used for hunting very small birds with a light choke to geese and turkey with the appropriate choke in place.

The shotgun also has its place in small game hunting as well. They can be found in .410 gauge which is the smallest going up to 28, 20, 16, 12, and 10 gauges. All of the above guns mentioned are manufactured specifically with hunting in mind. These can be found with synthetic or hardwood laminate stocks. The barrels and actions can be found in blued steel, stainless steel, or black finish.

They can also be found covered with your favorite camo patterns. Most of the hunter specific guns though are synthetic stock with a very durable black finish. This allows you to hunt in adverse weather conditions without any worries about your firearm being damaged.

Your budget is something to consider when you look at the various types of hunting guns available. You will find some that are very reasonably priced. Those that are lower priced may be quality guns but they aren’t going to be the nicest in terms of appearance. If you want something that also looks nice and is detailed, it is going to have a higher price tag.

With all of the different types of hunting guns available you will find many different brands available. You may have a preference due to the various hunting equipment you have or the reviews you have read about them. You will also find that different types of hunting guns have different colors, accessories for them, and even weigh different amounts. It is a good idea to shop around and get a clear idea of what you want before you make your final purchase.