Wild Boar Hunting

Hunting is an experience which invigorates the body physically, mentally, and many would say even spiritually. The earliest histories record hunters engaging in the practice both for sport and survival. Contemporary hunting takes on many different forms, some of which employ various levels of technological advancement while others utilize more primeval methods to acquire their prey. Whatever the avenue and methodology, the principle is still the same; man versus beast.
Wild boar hunting has a rich history and offers a great hunt to this day. There are legends about the sport in Ancient Greece and Rome, stories told in medieval times, and the nobility of Europe hunted boar for sport throughout the renaissance era. The beast was hunted with everything from a spear to hunting dogs, a bow and arrow to a large knife.

In the contemporary gaming scene, wild boar may not be the most popular hunted animal, but it can still offer some of the most challenging and engaging hunting experiences. The wild boar can be found in many parts of the world, including Spain, France, Russia, northern Australia, many countries in central and southern Asia, and sections of North America, mostly in the south eastern states. Wild boar are exciting to hunt because they behave like many large mammals, though they have certain characteristics which cause them to stand apart. Their behavior concerning migration and movement is similar to deer or elk. Unlike these popular gaming animals, wild boars are slower, have thicker hides, and can be much more aggressive. Safety is incredibly important when hunting wild boar, especially if the weapon used is anything which requires closer proximity to the animal. If wild boars feel threatened, or if they have younger boars around, the animal has been known to attack. Their primary weapon is their tusks which they use to gore their opponents. It is best to have a quick way of defense on hand and it is best to avoid hunting alone.

There are several different ways to go about hunting these animals. The most common technique to hunt wild boar is by still hunting in a tree or any other sheltered position. This may involve scouting out common areas to find the most populated boar trails. Another popular method is to bait the boar using scented baits to attract the animal to a certain area. These products will not bring boars to an area outside their habitat, but it will coax them into an ideal hunting spot within their environment. Another technique which is not quite as common is the use of hunting dogs to track down and corner the boar.

When hunting wild boar, there are several characteristics of the animal to keep in mind. Boars have a relatively acute sense of hearing, so be sure to make as little noise as possible when waiting for the boar. These animals are nothing like a farmyard pig, so do not underestimate their prowess in the forest or jungle. While the boar is not as fast as a deer, they can still run at speeds which contest with top human speeds and they are fairly agile in a forest. They also possess a good sense of smell, so it is important to mask the human scent as much as possible when waiting for the boar. Also keep in mind that the best boar may not be the biggest boar. Often smaller or mid-sized boars have better meat than the bigger animals.