Canoeing is Good Exercise

Canoeing has been known to be an activity that is loved by many. Thanks to the variances that are offered with canoes, there are more people that are enjoying canoeing on their local lakes and rivers. What most people do not realize, though, is that this sport is a good means for receiving exercise. Many people will often burn several hundred calories while they are exercising in a canoe.

Canoeing is known to be good exercise, as it is a constant motion of moving the upper half of the body in repetitive stroking motions. This means that the arms are receiving exercise, and so is the heart, which is pumping a great deal of blood into and out of the heart when there is a steady pace of rowing that is involved. Other people may like to take a break while they are in the canoe, as they will often float around in a canoe while they are in the water. Canoeing is not only good exercise for only one person, but can be up to three people in a canoe. This means that everyone that is in the canoe are all working together to keep the canoe balanced and ensured from tipping over. Due to this, everyone that is in the canoe will have to exercise to make sure that they are leveling out the canoe at all times. Sometimes, the canoe may tip over, especially if there is an uneven balance of weight, or if there is a sudden shift in the canoe. In this instance, everyone that was in the canoe will receive a good exercise, as they will have to swim to the canoe, as well as then climb back into it. This is often very typical of those that are canoeing, and should be expressed to everyone that is canoeing for the first time.

People of all ages can take part on the canoeing exercise as well. This means that even children can help to use the rudders that are used as paddles to help propel the canoe to where it needs to go. Many children are eager to help the adults use the canoe, and they are typically unaware that they are really helping out with through exercise too. In some instances, there may be canoes that children can use for themselves, especially young teens. If this is the case, though, there should always be parental supervision as to avoid any injuries.  At the end of the day, many people will be happy that they spent their time with friends and family while out in nature and enjoying a decent exercise. In most instances, the exercise that is received from a canoe can not be matched anywhere else. Thanks to the water resistance that the canoe must travel through, the exercise that is received from using a canoe can be strenuous, but helpful at the same time. Keeping in shape is often a given when there is a canoe that is used for not only pleasure but for exercise, too.