Canoeing tips

Canoeing can be one of the most exciting activities you will come across in nature. At the same time, it can be one of the most relaxing experiences you will partake in. This all depends on the route you decide to travel. One of the most important canoeing tips one can offer is; plotting your coarse before you decide to flow down river. Failing to do so may cause in unexpected rapids that you may not be qualified to handle. This can be extremely dangerous and may ultimately, lead to your canoe flipping over and you potentially becoming injured.

Prior to leaving on your canoeing expedition, it is necessary for one to make sure you are equipped with the proper equipment. Life jackets go by that name for good reason; they can save your life. It doesn’t matter how good of a swimmer you may be. When rapids pick up to a class 3, they make swimming nearly impossible. You must also wear a helmet to avoid severely injuring your head against rocks. Even the slightest bump in the wrong spot can cause a concussion. This is one of the worst things that can happen to you while flowing downstream. When this occurs, you basically turn into a piece of debris. Floating down river, you can continue hitting rocks and bumping into ledges which can ultimately, cause further injury, and possible result in ones death.

If you are lucky enough to service the first part of a kayak accident, and you make it to shore; you should also have a first aid kit to treat any cuts or bruises you may have suffered. Sometimes when canoeing, you can be too far out for anyone to find you. This is while you should always be equipped with a waterproof flare gun. Possessing a flare gun can ultimately, lead to a must quicker rescue. However, sometimes you may be in a completely remote area where people may not even notice your flare. If time goes by and you still have yet to be rescued, you should have a compass handy to help yourself find civilization. Also, carry a knife with you at all times. Knives can be used for many things such as: starting a fire, cutting bandages, gutting animals to eat and setting up a shelter. All very important aspects for survival.

Canoeing can be a fun, exciting experience, but the danger should never be overlooked or ignored. Mother nature can be a peaceful, beautiful experience, but at the same time a merciful, deadly force with no remorse to human life. By following the aforementioned canoeing tips you should know what to do when trouble arises. Even if it’s as simple of a mistake as over packing. Meaning, while it is good to have all of the necessary supplies for canoeing, it’s also wise to not overload your canoe with unnecessary objects. Overloading your canoe can lead to it being capsized and/or more prone to becoming a danger to you and the others accompanying you.