Tips for Buying Used Canoes Online

Today’s canoes are sold in several different styles and designs. They are also manufactured from a range of materials depending on the purpose of the canoe. In particular, you should understand the distinction among the different styles of canoes before you make your online purchase. The styles include recreational canoes, tripping canoes, and high-performance canoes. As far as materials go, you can purchase canoes manufactured from wood, wood and canvas, aluminum, Kevlar, fiberglass, and Royalex.

Canoes vary in price and a higher price does not always mean a better canoe. Plus, the materials that are used to make the canoe often determines whether or not the canoe you are looking at is the right one for you.

Today’s outdoorsmen can select used canoes according to the type of material as long as they understand the benefits or disadvantages of each. Look through these brief descriptions to help you better understand what your options are. Not only will it make the process of buying online used canoes simpler, but it will also make the process less time consuming. Plus, you will be able to purchase the perfect canoe!

Wood Canoes

The first model of canoe, wood canoes were popular prior to the wood and canvas combinations that were even more popular. Attractive and aesthetically appealing, wood canoes take time to craft by hand. Along with the handiwork required for all-wood canoes comes an expensive price tag. True wood canoes are a bit fragile and not necessarily designed for use in rough waters.

Wood and Canvas Canoes

Wood and canvas canoes were really popular up until the creation of aluminum canoes after World War II. The disadvantage of owning a wood/canvas canoe is that it requires maintenance on a yearly basis. Plus, it these are more readily damaged than canoes crafted from modern materials. Nonetheless, for someone who prefers a canoe that will remain cool despite heavy sunshine and quiet despite lapping waters, wood/canvas canoes are the perfect option. Plus, they are steeped in tradition so they are perfect for storytelling moments.

Aluminum Canoes

Aluminum canoes, crafted from molded aluminum alloy, are one of today’s most popular styles. Despite this fact, they do have certain disadvantages including the facts that they are hot in the sun, tend to stick to rocks, tend to be cold in the fall and spring, and are noisy no matter what time of year it is. Aluminum canoes have flat bottoms, which some people like for storage purposes. It is almost unheard of to be able to destroy an aluminum canoe.

Kevlar Canoes

Kevlar canoes are similar to fiberglass canoes. They are strong and so they can withstand rough handling and water. Kevlar canoes are manufactured with a varying number of layers including some that place a middle layer of a different material in between two layers of Kevlar. Since Kevlar is expensive to use, the price generally reflects the amount of Kevlar that has been invested in the design of a particular canoe.

Fiberglass Canoes

Fiberglass canoes are designed with plastic resin that has been reinforced with fibers of glass as well as other types of materials. Although this type of canoe usually has an inexpensive price tag attached to it, they are not strong so they do not hold up to rough waters. Also, they are heavy, making it difficult to transport them from the storage space to the car or the car to the water.

Royalex Canoes

Royalex is one of the newest materials to be used in the production of canoes. It is made by a company named Uniroyal. A type of plastic sandwiched between other materials helps to create a canoe that is super strong and can take a beating on rough water. Although they are heavy and can be difficult to transport, Royalex canoes are popular due to their indestructible nature which makes them popular to use for both tripping adventures and whitewater trips.

Determine the Style of Canoe that You Want

Determining which style of canoe you want to buy will help to simplify your shopping experience since you’ll know exactly what type of canoe to buy. If you aren’t sure even after reading up on the different types of canoe styles, you might want to consider attending a Demo Day. Although demo days are not featured in all towns or cities, conducting an online research or asking local canoe dealers might get you the information you need. Even if you still intend to purchase your used canoe online, it doesn’t hurt to sit in a few and check them out so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Navigating the Canoes on an Online Site

Once you know which type of canoe you want, check out the website so you can see exactly what is available for immediate purchase. Not only is it safe to purchase online, but it is also easy to do. Plus, you’ll get to see a variety of price ranges depending on the type of canoe as well as its condition. Just surf through the listings for used canoes and find the style of canoe that you have chosen. Next, just pick one that meets your price range or budget.