Buying Used Kayaks Online

Originally designed for use by many North American and Asian tribes for hunting excursions, kayaks are small, enclosed watercraft that have undergone several transformations over time. The most typical of these changes is that many of today’s kayaks are designed with high-tech molded plastic. Although the models manufactured with glass fiber are still sold, these have a much heavier composition and are a bit more difficult to transport. The name kayak actually comes from a word that means small hunting boat. However, today’s outdoorsmen often use kayaks for the pure sport of the adventure itself.

Using a few simple guidelines to help you in the process of buying used kayaks online will not only make the process easier and less time consuming, but it will also ensure that you purchase the perfect kayak for your personal use. Use these tips to help you with your decision to buy a used kayak through an online site.

Determine the Style of Kayak

Today’s kayaks are sold in quite a few styles and sizes. Plus, they are manufactured from a variety of materials. In particular, you need to know the difference among recreational kayaks, white-water kayaks, racing kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. Obviously, you’ll pay more for a high-end kayak even if it is used. However, the price is going to be considerably less than a brand new one would cost. In fact, used kayaks present such a bargain, that you can upgrade your model from one year to the next as you try out the different aspects to kayaking.

  • Recreational kayaks are low-end models that are designed for beginners. It functions well, costs less than many other models, and is a great bargain for those just developing their kayaking skills.
  • White-water kayaks are designed to provide increased maneuverability.
  • Ocean/sea kayaks are designed for travel along the coast or in the ocean and are often equipped with a pedal operated rudder that will feature better straight-line maneuvering.
  • Racing kayaks are designed for speed and so they are manufactured with strength and durability in mind.
  • Inflatable kayaks manufactured from neoprene are designed for easy portability while remaining durable for use.

Determining exactly which style of kayak you want to purchase will help to streamline your shopping experience as you will know exactly what you are looking to buy.


The type of paddling that you are prepared to do determines the type of kayak that you are most likely going to purchase. You have flat water paddling, whitewater paddling, flat lake paddling, stream paddling, and coastal water paddling. Of course, some of these types of paddling actually overlap, but you can easily get the picture that you need to know what you are getting yourself into so that you can purchase the proper style of used kayak. Whether you are up to surf, waterfalls, rapids, or none of the former clearly indicates which type of kayak you should be starting with as you make your online purchase.

Visit a Demo Day

Quite a few locations will offer a special demo day where people can try out the different styles of kayaks that are available. If you want to ensure that you like the feel of the used kayak that you are going to purchase, simply go to one of these demo days, find out what you like, and then go buy it online for a lot less money.

Navigating the Kayaks on an Online Site

Fortunately, online sites that sell used kayaks have designed their pages to make your exploration of their used watercraft as simple as possible. Once you know what type of kayak you wish to purchase, you can simply circumnavigate their website to peruse the styles in the category that you wish to make your purchase. You’ll get to see a variety of models manufactured from different companies and materials.

One of the best facets of making your used kayak purchase online is that you get to see a variety of price ranges so that you can meet your budget easily and painlessly. If you set your budget before you begin to look based upon the money you have available, you will be able to make your decision and purchase within an hour or less. All you need to do is surf through the listings and find the style of kayak that you have selected and pick from the ones that meet your price range.