Storing Your Kayak Or Canoe

Kayaking or canoeing can be an awesome hobby. It gets you out of the house and on to the water giving you a great way to reconnect with family, friends or nature. The last thing you want to is get half way around a lake and realize that part of your gear is ripped or broken. Because of this, every paddler needs to take the best actions against having their gear messed up during the off-season or in-between trips. Taking every precaution will not only spare you the disappointment of a trip, it will save you money in the long run. Investing in good gear is great, but keeping that gear safe is essential.

1) Make Sure Your Boat Is Dry

Although most paddlers know this already, it is essential that you make sure your boat is dry before you put it up. Even if you’re looking toward a lengthy ride home in the sun, make sure that your boat doesn’t have any water in it. I recommend having a shammy on hand to take care of the nitty-gritty parts.

2) Fix Your Boat Before You Store It

If you’re out on the water and you realize that you have a hole in your boat, never wait to fix it. As soon as you get back onto shore, patch it up or get it to a specialist that can fix it for you. If you leave a rip, tear or a hole in your boat during the off-season, inclement weather can damage your boat even further.

3) Keep Your Gear Together

When you’re storing your boat, you want to make sure that everything is together. Whether or not you’re going to use a dry dock, keeping all of your gear together will allow you to be organized. You’ll be very thankful when you go back for that first ride of the season and have everything in one place.

4) Store Your Gear In A Dry Place

Never put your gear anywhere that is damp or has a excessive moisture. If you plan on putting your boat in your garage or in a shed, make sure that it is well ventilated and gets a little bit or sunshine. When you have your gear in a moisture rich environment, you’re more likely to get mold on it. Nobody wants to grab their kayak or canoe and find that fungus has grown on the side.

5) Store Your Boat In A Dry Dock

Dry docks are extremely cost effective. If you live near a lake or a public park a lot of them will offer dry docks and lockers for a very modest price. Investing in a dry dock will not only keep your gear safe, it will give you a way of going out on a whim without any hassle of grabbing your gear. Dry Docks also offer a great benefit for you because you can save a lot of space in your garage or sheds with the peace of mind that it’s safe.

Storing your gear is a great way to save money in the long run because it will save you from having to replace expensive components. While keeping your kayak or canoe safe, you can also benefit from having everything in one place. The primary cause of getting your gear and your kayak or canoe damaged is from not properly drying them off. When you keep your gear and your boat wet after a trip, they can start to corrode and seams can break. Invest in a dry dock and start storing your kayak or canoe so you do not have to experience heartbreak the next time you want to hit the water.