Picking the Right Spear Fishing Gun

A common question that many beginner and intermediate spearfishing participants have is how to pick the right spearfishing gun. There are several factors that come into play that can help determine what the right option might be for a particular … [Continue reading]

Surfcasting Tips for the Unaware

It is a beautiful morning down on the beach, and you are just putting the finishing touches on tying your rig onto your surfcasting outfit. The weight has been clasped, the hooks are baited, and there‚Äôs only one thing left to do, which is get the … [Continue reading]

Building a Fire in the Rain

Building a campfire is an essential camping skill. Campfires help you cook your meals, keep you warm, scare away insects and provide nighttime entertainment. It is relatively easy to build a fire given the proper conditions. Dry firewood is easy to … [Continue reading]