Sam Parr State Park

The Sam Parr State Park is an excellent attraction for nature lovers and campers in the state of Illinois. There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed in this large 1,180 acre park. One of the most appealing things about Sam Parr is that it includes a 183 acre lake. This is great news for those looking to kayak or fish while on their trip. Many Illinois residents call this park a fishermen paradise, due to the large fish that are abundant in the lake. Whether an individual is looking for some tranquility out camping or just want to go fishing, this park is an excellent place to check out.

So many people flock to the Sam Parr State Park simply because of the 183 acre lake. Many campers claim they have caught 6 pound bass and an assortment of other fish. With the picnic tables and ability to bring a small grill, this means an individual can catch a fish and cook it right there for a memorable camping experience.

The campgrounds are kept fairly clean and an excellent option for those that want to stay overnight. The fee for overnight stay is between $10 and $18, but it is important to note that while the campsite offers bathrooms, there are no shower houses. This can be a problem if planning on staying more than a few days, so this needs to be kept in mind when making reservations. Each campsite also includes a concrete spot for a vehicle and there is plenty of room for a tent or two. Picnic tables are also set up for campers, perfect for enjoying a nice picnic. Every campsite has their own sewer and water, allowing a family to stay for a while without any inconvenience.

Many people are interested in the Sam Parr State Park because it has access for RV camping. In the state of Illinois, there are a number of places which allow RV parking, but few that are as nice as this state park. With the large lake, clean campsite, and tranquil nature, this is an excellent choice. A lot of people are also happy with there being a pool and store nearby, as it allows them to make a short trip for whatever they may need to stock up on. Along with the overnight fee, RV campers will need to $10 for electricity hookup. The combined cost is still very cheap for the quality campsite and large lake.

Families are sure to find this state park to be a good fit for their children due to the large playground. Not only is the campsite very quiet and clean, the playground is sure to keep them entertained while some of the adults are out fishing. This is great news for a family that has a number of people to please with a variety of interests. The camp host is also very friendly, assisting campers with anything they may need and answering questions as well.

This state park was established in 1960 with originally 72 acres of land in possession. Over the years, the residents of Jasper County have helped grow this park to be around 1,180 acres. Located only 3 miles northeast of Newton and stationed between Indianapolis and St. Louis, this is a convenient location for many Illinois residents to travel to for a short trip. The park remains quiet, making it a perfect location to get away for a weekend.

Whether an individual is hoping to come to this state park to enjoy the tranquility or in search of a huge bass fish, this is a great location to come to. The cost of camping is relatively low, making it a great spot for those on a budget. Along with the impressive well stocked lake, the campsite also features plenty of RV parking and hookups, a children playground, and many campsites with water, sewer, and optional electricity. The low cost of staying overnight and the convenience of its location make this a must-see place in Illinois for residents and travelers alike.