Charlestown State Park

Many people are visiting Charlestown State Park because of the all the different activities it provides for visitors. A 14 mile creek is just one of the best features of this park, as it allows individuals to fish and just relax alongside the water. In the state of Indiana, this park is an excellent place to visit for rewinding and relaxing. With plenty of trail and beautiful wildlife, this state park remains a great place for visitors and campers alike. For residents who live in state, the cost of entering the park is just $5, with out of state Indiana visitors to pay $7. An annual pass can be purchased for individuals who want to keep returning for fishing or just to walk along the many trails.

Camping at Charlestown State Park is a great way to really get in touch with the outdoors and enjoy the scenery which is present. There is a change of elevation around 200 feet, providing a moderate work out, while still being easy enough for small children to scale without a problem. Walking along the trails will present the visitors with an excellent view down below and tons of animals and birds to see along the way. While the trails are not especially long, it is best to take them slow anyways because of the 72 species of birds which can be seen and other wildlife.

One of the most appealing things about this state park is that it is paradise for bird watchers. As stated before, this park boasts 72 species of birds including black vultures, bluebirds, and occasionally the rare bald eagle. This is fantastic news for Indiana residents who are interested in bird watching and are eager to see a variety of species in one place. Bringing along a pair of binoculars will allow an individual to get a glimpse of the different birds at this state park.

Another thing that makes this state park so appealing is the impressive campground. There are 132 electric campsites, making for plenty of room. The park also offers full hookup at 60 sites- perfect for those traveling RVs or with self sustaining trailers. This is great news for residents of Indiana who are looking for a nice place to go camping. Not only is this state park very pretty with the large number of trees and beautiful river, the campsites are also kept maintained and very clean. This means you can enjoy eating at one of the picnic tables and use one of the many bathroom facilities that are available for campers.

Fishing at Charlestown State Park is a great way to spend the day at this state park, as there are a number of different types of fish which can be caught here. Hiking along Trail 3 will put an individual alongside the 14 mile creek, where they can fish for a variety of fish. Those who have been here have claimed that this is one of the best state parks in Indiana for fishing and having a relaxing and enjoyable time doing so.

Families are sure to enjoy their time spent at Charlestown State Park because of the nice playground that is available. Even if a family has divided interests, some can spend time fishing while the younger children can go the playground. This ensures everybody is satisfied and nobody feels left out or unhappy with the trip. With all of the picnic areas, this state park is a great way to spend the day and have an enjoyable time.

A lot of people are making their way to Charlestown Park in Indiana because of the variety of activities are available. Whether an individual is hoping to catch a large fish or they simply want to explore the trails, it is likely they find that this state park is the perfect place to visit. Camping here is also a great idea due to how clean it is kept and the facilities that are available for any campers.