Lincoln State Park In Indiana

A sprawling 1,747 acre park, Lincoln State Park located in Indiana offers a wide range of activities and facilities for visitors year round. This historical park was founded in 1932 in memory of Nancy Hanks. A popular choice for visitors of all ages, this park offers something for everyone, from children on field trips to bird watchers and other nature enthusiasts.

Those seeking historical knowledge will find ample locations within Lincoln State Park. A public plaza has been built in honor of President Lincoln and his time spent in the state of Indiana when he was young. Limestone pedestals tell the tale of various milestones in his life during his time in Indiana, offering a source of knowledge for visitors of all ages. Sitting areas allow for visitors on tours or exploring on their own to relax and discuss the information available or to listen to historical stories about President Lincoln.

A fully functional pioneer farm is also part of this state park which can allow visitors to form a better understanding of how life was during that time period. A Lincoln cabin site and the gravestone of President Lincoln’s mother are also available for touring at the adjacent Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. This can be a delightful location for field trips and for those interested in Indiana’s history. A 1,500 seat amphitheater at the park is the location for summer plays that explore the life and childhood of Lincoln.

Many camping facilities are available at Lincoln State Park. Youth tents are available for youth field trips such as scout camping. Electric and non electric facilities exist within the park as well as primitive camping options. This allows those wishing to camp in the park to select the level of amenities that they need for their camping experience. Family cabins and group cottages are available for those wishing to camp together as a family or group but prefer to not use a tent for sleeping. Costs and availability of these facilities may vary depending on the season. Reservations may also be made online for some of the facilities.

Boating is another attractive feature at Lincoln State Park. Electric motor boats are allowed on the waters at this park, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely day on the water or to fish if desired. Boat launch ramps are also available in order to allow visitors to launch their boats successfully into the water. Row boats, canoes and paddle boats are also allowed on the water, and can be rented by visitors who wish to enjoy the water and scenery.

For more fun involving the water, a beach within the park provides fun for the entire family. Swimming is permitted at the beach though lifeguards may not always be present. The beach is open from Memorial day through Labor day for visitors to enjoy. Additional policies may apply to the beach property and swimming areas.

Picnic areas and shelters are available for visitors to Lincoln State Park. These areas may be reserved for large groups who may need larger accommodations. Picnic areas and shelters are ideal locations for those on field trips to the park to enjoy lunch and relax after walking around. These areas may also be used for receptions and other gatherings held on the park grounds.

Fishing within the park allows fishing enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy casual fishing to find fun. A number of areas are available for fishing and may include alongside the water or from a boat. Fishing may require a permit, and often these permits are available through the park at an information area or a nature center.

Hiking and walking trails within the park also provide a wonderful opportunity to explore the park while exercising. These trails may be used as part of a guided tour through the nature center, or may be explored as a group. Some trails may be for all levels of fitness while others may offer more of a challenge for visitors.

For more information on Lincoln State Park, contact the main office at 812-937-4710 or visit the park’s website at This can also provide more information on services that are available.