Green Valley State Park

The Green Valley State Park is a well developed 1,060 acre park for the whole family. Its main attraction is its 390 acre lake. It is located in Southwestern Iowa a few miles northwest of the City of Creston, also close by are the towns of Orient, Afton, and Greenfield. The lake area is shaped like a two-prong horn with the right prong taller than the left. Access is via either the 130th Street or the 140th Street. Both branch of from the Green Valley Road. It is frequented by anglers, picnickers, hikers, boaters, and campers.

The state park has a designated beach between the two prongs of the lake. There are to piers on the southern portion of the beach. The one on the southeast is primarily used as a fishing pier. Restrooms can be found close to this pier. The other pier on the southwest has a camp ground close by. Further north of it are the camping cabins. Fish cleaning stations are located strategically to serve each of the piers.

Across the lake from the beach are picnic areas and the south shelter. There is a fishing pier further south close to a park to park bike trail that leads to the south. A hiking trail that goes around the western prong connects this area and the beach on the other side. Another hiking trail can be found to the east of this camping area that leads to the 24-hour fishing and picnic area on the eastern prong of the lake. The trails provide the visitor with the opportunity to experience the parks unique wildlife and vegetation. The north shelter, a silt retention dike and another camping site can be found towards the west on the other side of fishing area and across the lake.

The waterskiing zone of the Green Valley State Park is on the western prong of the lake. All waterskiers are required to wear life vests that have passed US Coast Guard requirements. There are several other regulations imposed to ensure the safety of all those who enjoy this activity as well as the other park visitors. These will be explained to those who go waterskiing.

For those who enjoy boating, there is a traffic pattern that must be followed and caution must be exercised so boaters do not interfere with water skiers and vice versa. When boats are within a 50 feet radius of each other, they are to limit their speed to five miles per hour. Speed is also reduced to five miles per hour if they are about 100 feet from the shore. Jet skis and jet boats are not allowed on the lake.

Fishing is another activity many people who frequent the park enjoy. The lake has several types of fish in abundance. There are largemouth bass bluegills, redear sunfish, catfish, crappies, and many others. Angling may be done from boats fro from the shore. Four piers with boat ramps are available for those who enjoy boating. Two of these are also fishing piers. Close to the piers are the fish cleaning stations and the restrooms.

There are other attractions close to the parks vicinity that can be easily accessed. These are the historical Bank of Memories in the town of Orient. It features the original Mormon Trail sign and history displays such as the mock-up of a hand cart. In Creston, there is also the Union County Historical Village and Museum.

The park has a total of 145 campsites. Eighty-five of these have electrical hook-ups. The amenities of the Green Valley State Park are modern and frequently updated and maintained. Since 2006, reservations can be made through the parks reservation system. Their phone numbers are (641) 782-5131 and (877) 427-2757 for reservations and booking. Alternatively, reservations may also be done online through the website Also, they may be reached through email at