Lake Anita State Park

Located on a 1062 acre tract, Lake Anita State park as been in operation since 1961, and has been one of the most popular outdoor destinations for residents and tourists in Southwest Iowa. Built around a 171 acre man-made lake, this park is one of the best sites in the entire region for lovers of all things outdoors. Engineers created this scenic marvel by building a dam across a single branch of the Nishnabotna River. This has created the opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy such varied activities as hiking on the many trails in the area, or enjoying the pristine sand on the beach surrounding Lake Anita.

One of the most popular pastimes for visitors is enjoying a quiet picnic with family and friends. Lake Anita State Park offers a vast number of sites around the lake which provide a great place for a family reunion or simple a get together for friends. Also, there are 8 open picnic shelters that can be reserved for use in case of inclement weather. They can be easily reserved though the online park reservation system by contacting the park via email at

Camping is probably the favorite activity of all the visitors who frequent the area. It is probably the best campground in the whole Southwest Iowa area. There are 161 camping sites available here, with all of them within walking distance of the lake. Fifty two of them have full electrical service, with 40 of them being of the full variety. There are also shower and restroom buildings which contain modern flushing toilets. For kids, there is also a playground area that will keep the youngsters occupied and in good spirits. Eighty of the sites are not able to be reserved, with the balance available by contacting the park through their email system as previously stated. Users can also use their telephone by calling 712/762-3564 or by fax: 712/762-4352.

For outdoor fans, there are several trails available that will test the endurance of even the most spirited of athletes. These can be used by both walkers and bike riders alike depending on what mode of transport they prefer. A shorter, one-mile route is offered here, where tourists can study the various flora that are indigenous to the area of Southwest Iowa. There is also a 4 mile loop that encircles the lake and can be used for a leisurely stroll or at a brisker pace for a cardio-vascular workout. Either one will offer the same type of experience for newcomers to the area.

Lake Anita State Park is home to a great number of water related fun as well. Such things as swimming, fishing and boating can all be done right there on the man-made lake. These can be great for experienced boaters or novice navigators who simply want to spend time on the water. The beach has some of the nicest sand in the whole state, and this makes for a great opportunity to play volleyball or simply enjoy some of the sun’s rays.

Fishermen have long regarded this lake as one of the best areas in the entire state of Iowa. They have been known to pull in bluegill, largemouth bass and crappies with consistent success. There are two boat ramps to easily back up a trailer for easy craft launch. No limit has been set for the size of the boat motor as long as it is operated at “no wake” speeds. For lovers of pontoon boats, officials have made dock space available and reservations can be made only on a seasonal basis by contacting the park office.

This is one of the nicest areas in all of Southwest Iowa. It is easily reached through any of the state’s major interchanges and reservations can be made via telephone, fax or email for almost any of the offerings currently at the park. On the man-made lake, water aficionados can partake of many different types of fun activities. Boating, fishing and camping are just some of the varied things that are enjoyed by locals and out of state vacation types as well. There is almost no end to the opportunities afforded tourists.

The park can be reached via email at , via telephone at 712/762-3564 or by fax: 712/762-4352. It makes for one great vacation destination.